4* Green heroes, which to level up?

A little help, finally have the mats to level up Kashhrek, he was my 1st 4* hero and been waiting for long time for mats, since then now have Boltusk and Rigard fully leveled so not sure if should spend mats on him or other green like Little John or Caedmon or Melendor or even Littleskull, please can anyone give me a opinion on which hero to spend mats. Don’t mind waiting to level up one of the others as Kashhrek is the only at 3.60.
Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

*sorry Skittleskull not Littleskull hehe

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I would do Melendor, he would be a great hero for your class trisls and you even have his costume :slight_smile:


Rigard and boldtusk are healers i would level Caedmon as you need an attacker and he debuffs just like Melendor. Having melendor costume might have most others suggest him but defense is only used when people raid you and war so my advice is go offense!

Brienne + costume for 3* tournaments and events >> Melendor + costume >> Caedmon >> LJ >> Slittleskull

Another vote for Melendor as you always need healers. Plus you have his costume, increasing his usage to titans, raids, wars, and two of the trials.

My love for Caedmon is well known and he’s a solid second choice, but Melendor has to come first. Littleskull and Skittle John can wait. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: ok now I’m between Melendor and Caedmon, my attacks have been between Vela, Sartana and Chao and defence Boltusk and Rigard with my little monkey Wu Kong as always on my team, so if I choose Caedmon which attacker should I replace with, same question with Melendor, think I know the answer for this one, Melendor should replace Rigard, maybe I’m wrong? Sorry to be a pain but gets a bit confusing at times, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Start with Caedmon, since you have better healers than Melendor like Rigard or Boldtusk. Caedmon provides dispell which you lack and some firearm. Much better option to a rainbow squad in your situation.

You won’t regret LJ also at some point. Skittles and Kash can be skipped, unless you want to use Kash as a tank at some point (he’s one of top tank choices for 4*).


Caedmon and Melandor’s cleanse are really useful for 4* tournaments where you get a ton of Boril tanks. I’d favor Caed.

Kash really isn’t bad. Many a field aid war he cost a lot of flags single-handed. But you have better options.

I would go for Caedmon. You’ll use him long time after Kash can no longer be used. He debuffs and hits nicely, healers you have a plenty, but hitters and fire power you’ll need more.

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Caedmon first because you have enough healers already. Probably bench Chao for him. Rigard stays in so he can cure your team

i run a team with sonya melendor BT proteus and wu for raiding. i hated melendor for the longest time and was always praying for caedmon to pop out of my tcs. finally got him and rushed to ascend him but have been consistently disappointed by him compared to melendor. i got melendor’s costume in the last costume chamber too, pushing me even further towards team mel. it depends on the other members of your team definitely, but my experience has taught me that mel>>>caed, as much as i really REALLY wanted to like caed.

i really not a fan of kash at all. had him for months, just now around ~3/45. i’ve been holding off throwing feeders at him until i literally have no one else to level. i feel like if you have bt (like me) kash is pretty obsolete, but to each their own

@ctx, I’d also suggest Melendor. Not only does he do what Caedmon does, without having to fire a shot, he heals. Healers are very important in Quests, Events, Alliance Wars. Plus, Caedmon will still be there for another day. Heck you have Sabina and Melendor who are the healing versions of Caedmon and Sonja. You’ll appreciate Melendor when you have a Boril tank in an AW and don’t want to bring both Caedmon and a healer. Plus Mel’s tile damage isn’t terrible at all.

Good Luck!!! You have a good looking squad. I’d also like to give you the best piece of advice I EVER received on these forums “Do NOT touch a 5* hero until you have 5 maxed rainbow teams of 3* and 5 maxed rainbow teams of 4*”. I received this information, of course, after my very 1st summons was HotM Musashi!! Thought I’d struck gold, no idea of how very wrong I was. I spent 3 months fruitlessly leveling him so during my 1st AW I scored a total of 0 points with my 3/58 Musashi and unleveled Bane.

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Kashrek is a fine tank for a 4* challenge but you will likely out grow the lizard. At your level and beyond repoites is you biggest issue you have to overcome. my +19 costumed Melebdoe has numbers of 801,705,1313 which is in the 5* level. But looking at your bench you are short attackers. That means the only acceptable green attacker is Caedmon but going against riposte you have to hit the wing otherwise it a suicide mission.
LJ is sooo squishy and skittles are to be eaten not played with. I would not feed them up until we know how the hero academy will work.

There is a run of thumb out there. Defensive hero need to be maxed and possible embelished. Offensive hero can function well at 3-60(4*'s) of 3-70(5*"s)

You’ll wind up doing both Caedmon and ‘Melendor eventually and you’ll get shields quicker than you think.
I find blue tanks much more popular so that makes me lean to the C-man currently, but you’ll get to both eventually.

Leave Kashrek at 3/60. You should decide between Caed and Mel. What level is the Mel that’s wearing the costume? You should restrain from leveling the costume before the hero is maxed. Kashrek will soon end up gathering dust on the bench, while Caed and Mel you will use for a really long long time.
And another thing. Don’t spread your resources among multiple same color heroes at the same time. It’s a very bad idea. Focus on maxing only one hero of each color at a time. Level-up a solid 4* base before working on your 5* heroes. It will help you progress much faster.

Kashrekk was my biggest mistake on this game. With Cadimon and the others you don’t need Kash.

Cadimon and Melendor (costume) and you’re fine.

I ascended Kash and Gadeirus together and until last week Gadeirus with +7 was way more useful. Cadimon also.

Kash are 4/1 for months, waste of mats

Thanks guys for all the good advice and think I will go with Caedmon because have Rigard and Boltusk as healers and Caedmon even as an attacker he still dispels buffs from enemies and that was something missing on my healers :slight_smile:

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As to have a full 4* team fully leveled before moving to 5* yes I agree but the God’s of the game still haven’t given me a 4* blue that’s why have leveled Vela as had her last month as a bonus of hotm and the green 4* was Kashhrek but was waiting for the mats, the others have all 4* fully leveled

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