Hunters Lodge And The Harpoons

Hey guys, I need help, please.
I have Stronghold 21 built the Hunters Lodge too. To research the Titan Harpoon, it requests 2771K iron.
I have 5 iron storages. 4 are at level 20 and I cannot convert them to advanced as Stronghold 22 is needed to do that.
One storage I could convert to Advanced Iron Storage LVL1.
All together I have a storage capacity of 2322K.
The difference is minus 449K.
I think I need to level up the Advanced Storage, but to what level, please? It indicates the Advanced LVL2 will only give me +13K more iron, somehow 1/30 (!!!) of 449.
Maybe the harpoons cannot be crafted at Stronghold 21 only but at 22 or 23?

I believe the research for titan harpoons requires 2771k food, not iron.

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Thank you thousand times helping a crazy blind man.

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A good rule of thumb for the advanced buildings is:

Each Hunters Lodge Level & Research needs the corresponding Food & Iron advanced storage to be completed (and others at lvl 20)
I.e. for Hunters Lodge Level 1 to be be built, you need 3x Level 20 Iron Storage & 1x Adv Iron Storage Level 1
for hunters lodge level 5 to be built, you need 1x Adv Iron Storage Level 5.
For hunters lodge level 6 to be researched you need 1x Adv Food Storage at level 6

Rule of thumb but its pretty accurate from my experience.

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