Levelling buildings


I still have a number of building not at level 20 naming: Craft, troops and houses. Do they need levelling up to 20?

For the advanced building my situation is:
Advanced food storage: Level 6
Advanced Iron storage: Level 10
Advanced farm: Level 3
Advanced house: Level 3
Advanced mine: Level 6
Hunter’s Lodge: Level 2

My SH is almost at level 23

Not sure how what to do after SH gets to 23

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As a priority level your storage, your farms and your mines as much as you can in advance of SH24

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Upgrading additional houses is not needed if you have enough capatity to store your recruits as not additional house can be converted at level 23 (and not even at level 24 in Beta).

If you have not reached the limit at leveling troops, then leveling the troops building is not needed yet.

If you have at least 1 craft building at level 20, then you can do not have to level others beyond a level, where you used them.

What to do next ?

Convert additional advanced buildings if you can, and upgrade the storage, farm and mine.


Farms are not needed at 20 if you are not p2w.
Advanced house lvl 9 is essential.
Only one forge is needed at 20.
All storages should be fully upgraded.

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Even f2p can never have enough ham. So I would advice to go with the farms all the way, for ham storage in tc20 you will need lots of recruits, so advanced house next to increase.

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My mileage varies, constantly have too much ham as f2p. Have to use tc20 more than tc13 to store ham. All farms are lvl 14, except one, which I’m building for mission.

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All my normal iron/food storages are at 20 as well as my food/iron farms?I assume I need to convert them to advanced? Right now I only have one advanced storage of farm/iron and one advanced farm/iron.

You will be able to convert more storages once your SH hits 23.

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I thought as much. Thanks!

My daughter’s account is F2P and SH is at 21 (last week), farms are at 10 (but moving to 11). Mines are what REALLY don’t need upgrades (and one is at 6!). It’s a battle trying to keep iron in check. Doing the upgrades needed for hunter’s lodge will take MONTHS.

I’m c2p, with SH23. I kept farms at about 15 until I had harpoons, and then started working on them. For me iron was a bigger limitation with the two builders. Huge difference in strategy needed.

But as was said above — storage! All of it! I recommend iron first (once you have harpoons), but doesn’t matter much. And the advanced house is way better than I expected. Wish I could have 2 right now.

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