Hunter's Lodge – how long does it take to build? What are the upgrade costs?

The Hunter’s Lodge is now available. I won’t be able to test it for the next couple of weeks. I need a few hundred thousand of irons and have to wait for 8d 1h for to have SH 21. I searched the forums but couldn’t find the info, I may have just missed it. If not then allow me to ask here… how long does the Lodge is researched/build? Since it is both available via farms and mines, does it cost ham or iron? I’d like to conserve as much ham or iron while my SH 21 is being built.

I can only tell you what I know from beta (subject to change):

It costs 2.210.000 iron to build Hunter’s Lodge. The build time will be 10 seconds. :smiley:


2mil on the lodge as well??? Not complaining, just surprised :slight_smile: Also, the Lodge is showing as available on mines and farms. Although I wouldn’t choose a mine or farm as that would slow down my food and iron production.

Yes, you can potentially convert other buildings to Hunter’s Lodge as well but I strongly advice you to convert a farm for the reasons you already mentioned. :smiley:


…and one gem to skip the waiting time…

I’d keep my one gem and stare my phone for 10 seconds for whatever animation will go on in converting my forge to lodge :smile:


I also see the “convert” option for Hunters Lodge on the Forge.

Barracks, Lodge, Lab and Academy can convert any non storage building.

Advanced X, can only be built on the same type of building. Advanced House on House, Advanced Farm on Farm, etc.

Did you guys skipped de 4k gems to level 21???

I wish I have that much gems :slight_smile:

Try it yourself and tab a level 20 mill…you can already see into what to convert to but it also says “stronghold must be level 21”

Sorry but I don’t get what you’re saying. Leveling up the SH shows how much is needed. But not with the Lodge.

As you see I just started to level up SH hence I cannot have a lodge

Even though I can click e.g. a level 20 mill and try to convert

Then I can see the lodge but cannot convert until the SH is ready.

nothing else was said

Yeah, that’s why I asked because it doesn’t show the cost of upgrading. There are people who do from the beta and the info given was helpful. So it’s about 2,210K to build the Lodge.

Check this out for costs…

Can you build another forge after SH21?
There are 3 new transformation buildings (somewhere in the future), I have 3 forges left…

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