Which building to convert/upgrade after SH21 and SH22?

What’s the best strategy for the new building(s)? Convert another forge, or better a mine? Or even a farm?

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I plan to convert one of each building first, starting with the Hunter’s Lodge and Advanced House. The conversion time is 10 seconds, like with the Barracks.

I plan to research Giant Harpoons in my Hunter’s Lodge, but otherwise will first prioritize upgrading my Advanced House, so it produces more Recruits per hour.

  1. Start holding your iron from now on so you’ll have enough iron available for Step 2 on Monday. (It costs 2.108.000 iron to upgrade your SH to level 21. Make sure you have enough iron storage capacity!!)

  2. Upgrade your stronghold to level 21 . It’ll take 8d 1h.

  3. :warning: Hold your iron and convert your food storage to Advanced food storage . (It costs 2.771.000 food to research the Giant Harpoon, which is more than the current max food storage capacity. So make sure your food storage capacity is sufficient and keep enough food for the research later on. Upgrade to advanced food storage costs 1.501.000 iron.) :warning:

  4. Hold your iron so you have enough to convert a forge to Hunter’s Lodge as soon as your stored iron hits 2.210.000. (Your forge needs to be level 5 to be able to convert it. It costs 2.210.000 iron to build Hunter’s Lodge.)

  5. Research the battle item Giant Harpoon. (It costs 2.771.000 food to research the Giant Harpoon so make sure your food capacity is sufficient.)

  6. Start crafting and hoarding Giant Harpoons

After that, I’ll convert my house first for the reasons @zephyr1 mentioned. :slight_smile:


OK people let’s start leveling to citadel 21. I had my iron full, it spared me 187k.

Hi @zephyr1, I just want to make sure what I read is correct. So you are saying that Advanced House will produce recruits? That means we will have continuous supply of recruits without worrying on where to find them? Although I don’t worry about it personally as my TCs are all busy (each) for the next 40 days.


That is correct, yes. Advanced houses produce recruits themselves, kind of like your Watchtower produces Iron and Food. :slight_smile:


Suweet!! Freebies are always a welcome :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t go that far. :slight_smile:

As last seen in Beta, the Advanced House capped out at producing 5 Recruits per hour — it’s more like a nice little bonus than a replacement of them from other sources.

But it’s one of the more practical benefits of the new buildings, particularly as I don’t anticipate focusing on producing Titan Battle Items for quite a while.


5 per hour is more than enough for the Extra Low Cost. When I’m low in food, which I am most of the time, that’s what my TC is cooking. So there will always be extra recruits. One less thing to worry about :slight_smile:


What is the best strategy for these new upgrades, taking into account the future upgrades of the stronghold (22,23,24,25)?

I’m in an alliance where only a few of us were able to start SH21 today. I think we are going to be focused on resource producing and storage since we won’t have enough people ready to use many harpoons for some time.


Question - @zephyr1

If you convert a mine or farm to the Hunter’s Lodge, do you lose the production from the original building?

Can think of a number of ways this could be handled. Does it keep producing and get automatically collected? Need to be converted back to collect?

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Yes, converted buildings no longer function in their old role. I strongly urge that you convert a Forge into the Hunter’s Lodge. Forges aren’t used 24/7 – mine are used fairly infrequently. Likewise, the Hunter’s Lodge won’t be busy 24/7, at least once you’ve gotten through researching and building up a backlog of harpoons.

Remember that conversions aren’t permanent. As long as you have a builder free, you can flip a building back to its old role in 10 seconds.


Isnt it faster to switch 3 and 4. (Storage upgrade first, then hunters lodge). This way you can gather the required food while hunters lodge is built.:thinking:

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Hunter’s Lodge is a conversion, takes only 10 sec

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Google translation added by @zephyr1

Hello, it is only about buildings lvl 21, I can not find any information on levels 25, especially the buildings for heroes. What are the improvements related to the heroes?
Thank you

Original (French)

Bonjour, il n’est question que de bâtiments lvl 21, je ne trouve aucune information sur les niveaux 25, notemment le bâtiments pour héros. Quels seront les améliorations liées aux héros ?

Please note that the official language of the Forum is English. You’re welcome to post in French in #foreign-languages, but in all other sections, please translate to English first. :slight_smile:

Google translation added by @zephyr1

V22 only concerns the Sh21 and the hunting lodge.
The other buildings (sh22-25, academy of heroes) are not yet in beta, but should be available during the year 2019, according to Petri comments in a commentary

Original (French)

V22 ne concerne que le Sh21 et le pavillon de chasse.
Les autres bâtiments (sh22-25, académie des héros) ne sont pas encore en beta, mais devrait être disponible durant l’année 2019, selon Les commentaires de Petri dans un aitre commentaire

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Google translation added by @zephyr1

Thank you so much ! I will inform my guild. Good game for you.

Original (French)

Merci beaucoup ! Je vais en informer ma guilde. Bon jeu à toi.

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My strategy will be to get iron, and recruit, production maximized first since I run VIP Pass with two builders and I can always use more Hero XP.

I should be able to get a Level 10 Advanced Mine without building a Level 1 Advanced Food Storage. That should keep my first builder busy for 40 days.

I should be able to get a Level 9 Advanced House ( 5 recruits per hour) without building a Level 1 Advanced Iron Storage. That should keep my second builder busy for 45 days.

If true, second builder may only be needed for 45 days for players with monthly VIP Pass. Depends on how much iron is spent on emblems and battle items.

Next will be iron storage since iron from Wanted Mission Chests is based on total iron storage. Unlike food stored in training camp, there is no current way to store iron except in the iron storage. This will help keep my builder busy.

Bonus - Advanced Iron Storage Level 10 will remove the pop up “Iron Storage full, please upgrade”.

All of these - Advanced Mine, Advanced House and Advanced Iron Storage- can only be built on a single type of building, so I do not have to decide.

Probably Lodge next so I can start creating harpoons ( and eventually Titanium Shields ) to use against rare titans. Depends on Beta rumors and how quickly my alliance gets enough Stronghold 21 to even consider Tier 1 harpoon usage.


@Gryphonknight, my strategy is going to be almost opposite of yours – Advanced Houses will be the last buildings I upgrade, because I’ve got a surplus of recruits already, and don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use them all without taking a game vacation.

My biggest shortage slowing my growth down right now is ham. So perhaps I should correct that–I might do Advanced Houses (which cost iron) before I do Advanced MIne(s) which cost me hams!

In my case, I’ll be upgrading the food and iron storages and stronghold as needed for my Hunter’s Lodge, and upgrading farms…(withholding judgement on the alchemy lab, 'tho the rumors from beta today don’t have me very excited)

There’s another reason NOT to upgrade mines beyond Advanced Mine 1: Payback time. You lose a lot of production by taking a mine offline for 1d18h (Advanced Mine 1 to 2 upgrade time), and the production increase is fairly small. My first effort to calculate that is that payback time is 50 days – You will have less total iron and only catch up and start to come out ahead on the 50th day.

And that’s just for the first upgrade; rough math: You have a mine offline for 45 days which would (if you left it at 20) have produced amost 4M iron in that time period, and the difference between Mine20 and Advanced Mine10 looks to be around 120 days to make that total up.


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