Next 5* Blue

Which one need to lvl him/her up :
Second Magni
Waiting HA


It depend on what you have or need… But I assume that Isarnia with that -44% defense will be very useful.

i have Richard ,magni , lepus max

I would go for Isarnia, she will also help you with titans. :+1:


Isarnia gets my vote too, since you don’t have Athena she’s a good hero to go for.


This is pretty much exactly what I was going to write.

Unless you have Athena (at all) or a +20 Grimm, Isarnia is going to really help titan scores.

Second Magni is not a bad idea (next!) though, useful sniper.

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i have Grimm but without emblems :frowning:

Then Isarnia will improve your titan score - IMHO that alone makes her useful (given how huge titans are in getting more mats).

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You already have Magni & Lepus so you’re well set with sniper. As others have said, Isarnia is great for titans. Also quite effective on defence, so I’d go Isarnia.

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