Master Lepus or Aegir for the scopes


I have currently Grimm, Frida, Magni all maxed. I have Master Lepus and Aegir @ 3-70. I do not really care about defense, as I have a few solid tanks already. I do not have any healers however besides Rigard/Anzogh. I rarely use direct healers often, but do like the new Aegir buff and normal heal.

Who do you guys think deserves the 3rd set of scopes, and why?


Aegir without a doubt


No one, and i mean no one, uses the rabbits - completely useless, in all my raids or war battles i have never seen a rabbit used but aegir is used ALL the time in wars as the healer tank


I vote aegir for more utility BUT master lepus is used for high scores in certain events.


Forgot to say - if you didn’t already have magni I would have said master instead

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You already have Magni maxed as your sniper so I think you might be better off with Aegir. He will be a big help for your Titan team too because of the defense buff, elemental heal, and damage heal. I find him useful in many different situations.

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I maxed Lepus over Aegir, he pairs well with Frida or Athena (especially if you have a 23 mana troop), but if you’re looking for survivability and since you already have Magni maxed, I could see Aegir in your case, as for the, no one uses Lepus idea, that’s flat out false, he’s one of the highest damage dealers in the game and a very good hero.


Go check out UCLAPACK from “I am Batman” she has the bunny on her defense team and has got emblems.

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Yeah its a tough decision. Anyone know how this set up on defense would be?

Zeline, Aegir, Anzogh, Khiona, Posiden

I put Aegir as flank bc Khiona needs to charge up Anzogh to get the full effect of the dmg/heal. Aegirs Spirit link would charge up Khiona, and the normal heals plus Anzogh will be brutal.

(I currently switched out Mitsuko tank, for Anzogh who seems to be winning more cups btw)

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I’ll choose Aegir anyday over survivability and versatility.
If you are into color stacking, then, Master Lepus all the way. He has among the highest attack stat in the game which make up for his below average survivability.

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I would chose Aegir also. I levelled mine after his buff. He’s on my defence and I use him in most raids.

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With Magni maxed, Go Aegir! Lepus can wait his turn.

@Scipio, welcome to the forum

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Thanks all for the support. I will wait until Atlantis incase I pull another 5* blue, and return with feedback. I am leaning towards Aegir now tyty

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Facing the same dilemma. Just did a mono war attack with both of them at 3/70, team power 3500, with Grimm and Frida. Victim was about 4100.

Frida then Grimm then Lepus kills 2 to 3 heroes every time. Even without the scopes Lepus hits like a truck. Personally when we get the next scope from Frostmarch shortly, I reckon I will give the bunny the scopes. Defense down doesn’t matter if the enemy are all dead

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If you don’t care about defense and tanks then it’s an easy decision for Lepus. He’s one of the hardest hitters in the game and combos INSANELY well with Frida and Grimm.

Some of the people in this thread clearly aren’t very informed about Lepus’ potential.

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I hold diamond with my current set up easily, so not worried about raid defense. However, I do care about titans, and am slowly facing stronger titans. I am wondering who I would get most use out of overall? Does lupus only really play a role on raids/wars, or does he hold up against 9* and higher titans?

People who have Aegir maxed, do they use him often on titans?


All day, every day. He’s a titan beast, so much so, that I’ve stopped using Wilbur (except on green Titans). He will keep your team from getting one shot and he will heal for insane amounts. You will regularly see 500-600 per tile.

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Guys thanks for the help. I have decided to use the scopes on Aegir. His versatility was too hard to pass up, 5* w/ spirit link and heal. Excited to max him, and ready to add him to my mono blue team, titan squad, and just pure fun.

Does anyone know if spirit link causes higher chances at gaining a minion for the druid talent?