Magni , Master Lepus and Frida

Hi guys, need advise please on my blue mono team.
Currently i have :

  1. Isarnia Maxed
  2. Grimm Maxed
  3. Sonya Maxed
  4. Misandra Maxed
    Magni , Master Lepus & Firda @3/70.
    Got 6 scopes …
    To Whom they shall go ??? Please Help
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Well Magni and Lepus are kinda equivalent but to complete that blue mono you’ll need an elemental debuffer and thats where Frida comes into play. So i’d pick Firda>Lepus>Magni.

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I vote for Frida aswell

i heard that frida do her job well at 3/70 … and i still dont have a sniper with my blues … misandra is just a gamble !!

If you need sniper, go for Magni.

If you run mono teams you should pick Frida.

Well if you want a sniper it doesn’t get more deadly than Lepus. Mine is at 4/50 and climbing, and he is a killer.

I agree that Frida can do her job at 3/70 if her special is maxed, which it should be. She does the job on 10 star titans at 3/70 for me, and with Kiril and Aegir she usually goes the distance.if you’re on higher titans and titans are your biggest priority then maybe Frida

If you want a blue five star for your defense, then Magni. If you want an amazing hitter then Lepus. If you like polar bears bashing titans then Frida

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Magni - replace Sonya with him.
Frida @ 3/70 until you get more scopes.

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I’ll second this

20 strikes of the ancients

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I’d go lepus>Frida>magni or… magni>Frida>lepus … both choices are fine, I personally prefer lepus because of the splash and it’s massive effect with Frida or Athena.

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I would replace Sonya with your 3.70 Frida. Frida dispels 3 and has a higher attack. Frida is also entirely serviceable at 3.70.

Magni and Lepus are both great, though I prefer Lepus and his splash for mono blue pwnage (Frida, Grimm, then hit one of Grimm’s splash targets with Lepus and kill two).

My mono blue team:


Mono blue is like ice cream…


If you’re not aggressively leveling your Lupus, you’re doing it wrong

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Considering that Frida helps ALL your blue heroes, I def think you should do Frida first. Choosing Magni or Lepus will only add one more source of direct damage. Adding Frida improves damage for every blue you bring to the table. Frida will turn your blues into multi hitting snipers. You also have def down heros in Isarnia and Grimm which stack with Frida elemental down, so I really don’t see a choice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow that is the exact team I use for mono blue. I have Grimm with +18 emblems and Lepus without, but very close

If you can match ten blue tiles you just kill half their team minimum

The similarities to my team just blue me away! :rofl:


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