Which blue? Isarnia Misandra Frida or

Hi I’ve got Magni , king Arthur and alasie maxed. Grimm is maxed and Sonya nearly.

Advice welcome.

5 star red: GM and Mariana maxed, zim nearly. Busy maxing 2nd GM. 4 stars bt maxed, colen and Wilbur nearly

5 star purple: Santana and panther maxed. Kunchen nearly. Next will be khiona. 4 stars Rigard , Merlin and cat maxed., proteus on 4

5 star green zeline maxed, Evelyn and lianne nearly. Next probably Greg. Caedmon and Hansel maxed, no plans for other 4s

5 star yellow: delilah maxed, joon and rana on 4. 4 stars wu and jackal maxed, xiu on 4. Vivica on 3 and staying there.
Probably Fong will be next. Maybe onatel… advise welcome

Isandria for her defense down to all. Frida next.

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I’d say Frida. She’s tough, has a great ice debuff, dispell, and the elemental link for blue heroes.

For what purpose? Looking to build a monocolor team? Titan hits? Events?

Seriously? You have nearly every 5* hero and several 4* troops. Most are maxed now. What advice are you looking for? Just keep doing what your doing and eventually you’ll have all 5* heroes maxed anyway.

I would say Isarnia for your blue team.

Hi buddy,
What I see there are 3 options - Frida, Isarnia and Misandra. Richard and Aegir, in my opinion, are not worth the scopes.
Since you already have maxed Magni, Arthur and Alasie, I can share my opinion about the benefits from each of those 3 candidates for your next set of scopes:
(1) Frida. She will not improve your titan team, since you already have Arthur (a better option for titans, since he nerfs the attack as well). For PvP I would give her a nod if you already had a good complementary hit-3 hero (Athena, Master Lepus). In your case she does not seem to me like a top priority right now but nevertheless she is a great hero.
(2) Isarnia. She will definitely benefit your red titan team, since you are lacking Athena. If titans are your priority, I would max her first.
(3) Misandra. She will not improve your titan team and you already have a great blue for your defence team (Alasie). However, her mana bonus can make average heroes charge at the same turn with the fast ones - I find this really great in stacking blues for PvP. If PvP is your priority, I would go with her first.
I hope this helps


Tx. I can make choices now. And yes, i may have many heroes but that makes choosing more diffivult

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