Blue 5* help

So I finally got my 6th telescope and I am not sure which hero is best to ascend. Seems there is a lot of discussions but I have Frida, Thorn, Magni and Misandra. I am thankful to have so many blues but with only enough materials for one, what do you all think is the best one. I can’t see me having materials for another one any time soon. Took me almost a year to get these 6 telescopes HA!

I have magni and Frida. Both amazing, but Frida is just a beast. She will be useful everywhere. Solid, hits hard like Grimm (a truck), and her and Grimm combo against titans is awesome! Throw in an attack up hero, and boom goes the dynamite.

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It depends on what your 5* roster is outside of blue. If you have a couple of other snipers or high impact damage (i.e. Gravemaker) I would max Misandra. If you really need a damage boost Magni might be a better choice. I say wait on Frida and Thorne. Frida needs other high level blues to follow up after her, and Thorne is not on the same tier as your other options.

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Yes to snipe people in player v player, but they can also obtain alot of 4* snipers who will work just fine (Triton, Sonya, etc). Titans drop the most materials imo, so I focused on titan killers first as a priority. Depends on what you want, and if you are only facing 7* and under titans, a 3-70 Frida will work fine there.

I go with Frida all day there. Emblem her up. She is the only 1 of 2 “ice elemental defensive down” heros in the game, and HOTM. RARE. She will not disappoint, and will be valuable long into the game as it grows/changes. Elemental downs stack with defensive downs causing massive damage.


My vote for frida:
Raids and titans. She is my first blue max. No regrets. She is perfect in pait with another bluelike sinya …triton. or 5s

Like I said, it depends on the context of the OP’s roster. Based on the time it took to get these 6 scopes I am assuming this is the first maxed blue. If that’s the case I think Frida can wait because she is there to set up a strong followup with her blue defense down, which should be maxed at 3.70. Without strong damage heroes for her to set up she can wait, and I wouldn’t say Triton compares to Magni.

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Depends on your titan level.

If you are fighting 11* titans and under, Frida can serve well at 3-70 with her skills maxed. In this case, I would max Magni.

If you are 12*+ on titans, Frida gets the mats.

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com certeza Misandra sera a melhor opção

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