5 star blue decision

Hey there, just looking for opinions… with this new frostmarch I was able to get my 6th telescope letting me ascend one of my blue 5 stars to final level. Who to pick?


My 5 star lineup is as follows (all 4/80)
Morgan le fey

Who do you think would make the most sense?

Thanks for your input!


If you fighting with 11* and stronger titans I will max Frida, if not Misandra can be better choice beacuse you want sniper in every colour.

When I was in a similar position a couple of months ago I chose Frida over Misandra and Miki and I’d do it again. Frida and Athena make a great 1-2 in raids, and getting the most out of the doubled def down against red titans is key.

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+1 vote for Frida.

You can do some crazy damage when pairing Frida and Athena, plus the elemental link gives her blue allies +46% defense against nature.

Frida is a solid choice. So is Miki. I’d say Frida since you do have a maxed Ranvir.

Aegir, Frida and Miki can server fine at 3-70 if your titans are 11* or under.

Aegir needs to be 80 if using as a tank.

Probably Frida for blue defense debuff–but Aegir is a nice tank with some of the really nasty flank or wing heroes you’ve got.

Seshat - Grave - Aegir - Grazul - Kage

Seshat - Grave - Aegir - Kage - Athena

I mean, the options are endless and punishing (you could also mix Delilah in there if you’re spooked by doubling too many colors). Those are the kind of defense teams I hate facing.

Frida for sure. I have Frida, Athena, Kiril, Miki and Magni for my red titan team and have a 140k + hit. Frida is maxed, Miki at 3/70…had the same choice