Frida or misandra

Wondering what people think? Mainly gonna be used for war… need 2 great blues and I hit the jackpot so to say. Anyway wondering which hero to start first ?

Frida is going to be OP when paired with another blue. I’d go with her, an elemental debuff never hurt anyone. Well. Except the opponent team.


Depends on the rest of your team. If you already have strong blues, Frida will make them better. If not, I’d vote Misandra

They both work well, are you asking to final acsend? Frida works great even at 3-70 for stacking blues on offence (and titans). Her ability is more helpful than misandras as @Rob_DI said if you’re doing a 3-2 or 4-1 offence. Misandra is better if you want a fully ascended hero you can also use on your defence imo. They should really both be taken to 3-70.

Just got both of them. Need one more scope. Blues I have magni islamia Richard all fully ascended. Aegir 70 grim 70. Mainly want for war. Thinking frida as that would take grim out and put a 6th healer in. One on each team. Thanks all for your advice! Appreciate it

I’d definitely vote Frida then. Frida and Isarnia stack and will be awesome on titans. Frida plus Richard will be a formidable pair.

I think Frida will help your team overall much more than Misandra.

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I do not know what to do, I have Isarnia 4/80, magni 3/70 and I was lucky to get Frida, I can only upload Magni or Frida to the last

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Bring Frida first to 3/70 and you can still decide whom to maximize. Who knows maybe you get lucky from some chests with ascension items


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