Another "which" thread?

Blue for offense is my issue. I have:
RichardC+2 (currently working on as my Paladin, have Telly, QOH, Falcon maxed)

Considering (in this order):
2nd RichardC

Consider the availability of ascension materials and emblems of the hero you want to max. Fenrir is a good 1-2 combo with Magni. But since your Magni is fully emblemed, you may find your Fenrir wanting some emblems more. Misandra is also in the same boat.

Among your viable blue legendaries, the Aegir, Arthur, Thorne and 2nd Richard will compete with paladin emblems, too.

Isarnia is a good hero to ascend as her defense debuff is second only to Athena among the blue legendaries. Issue is the availability of the wizard emblems for her to gain talent as she is squishy. Her costume would also help her a bit, but still, emblems are the main point for consideration.


I think I was going to say Isarnia but Ultra did a great job summarizing the options given the info.

You don’t have anyone listed to five defense down. At a minimum she’d be on every red titan attack and in very fast wars.


I’ve accidently maxed isarnia months ago and I couldn’t be happier. +1 to Ultra’s analysis.


Misandra is the one I went with out of your group (for offense also) and haven’t regretted the decision at all. She hits hard, and the fact she boost mana with multiple hits has turned the tide of a few battles for me. Fenrir, while good, is not nearly as helpful on the offensive side as Misandra is.

I have to disagree a bit with my friend @Ultra. You already have Frida maxed for an elemental defense down. So you are covered there. Also, most of your blue heroes are average mana speed. Fast mana from Misandra and her mana buff will help charge up Frida and Richard for your attack. While Isarnia is good, her slow mana and low defensive stat make her more of a liability. When she fires her special it is great, but there are more times she won’t make it that far than she will in a fight. Just my experience. :+1:t2:


Thanks all. I actually went with Fenrir. For raw stats, and because I usually take a few cleans in war. I think his finisher will be really helpful for cleans. None of the heroes will make my mono blue (I currently use +20Kiril as my 5th). Misandra and Isnaria were serious considerations given your posts so thank you. Maybe next set of scopes.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Keep us updated about your experience with him!

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Fenrir is not earth shattering but he’s more useful
/ less useful than Magni in the following situations I’ve encountered:

More useful:

  1. He charges one tile faster after killing his first enemy. I’ve had several times now where he charges before Vela and is able to get second kill, whereas Magni would have had to wait for one more tile. This point is usually overlooked in discussions, and I find it to be the most important benefit.
  2. Minion after health drops below 50% (this point is often discussed)
  3. Heal can make a difference. Magni dies a lot more even with 30% revive, and Fenrir currently has no emblems.

Less useful:

  1. Waiting for the first target hurts especially if it’s 2 turns on Vela’s DOT
  2. Not finishing something when it’s above 50% hurts a lot too. But this is less often than I expect with Frida support. Frida gets my mana troop so they usually have their first charge together. Vela support often allows one target to get killed quickly. Once RichardC gets a higher Mana troop and the 4 charge together, Fenrir will always get a target right away. That with point #1 above makes him highly competitive if not better than Magni.

Nevermind. Already replied

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