Which Blue Hero should I upgrade based on my Roster

Currently only have Boril and Kiril… But I already have BT and Wilbur, seems like a waste to up either the 2 blues above which I have, my other blue is only 5* Isarnia.

At the moment I am working on Wukong, Proteus and Melandor. Thinking if I should go for Chao after.

Feels like my whole roster lacks firepower for both def and offense in raids

Any tips or advice on which Blue I should level and my ideal setup would be appreciated!

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Boril will be nice on offense, but I’d go for Kiril nevertheless.

Its very advantageous to be healer heavy. Healers keep you competitive especially on the map, in quests and wars. Heavy hitters will come and they often need to be supported by (de)buffing healers.

Cool to have about two or more healers of each element to stack against monsters and tanks.


I like Kiril too. He also has attack ally boost on offense and minus defense for ur opponent. Plus his numbers r solid for heart and shield too. Not as brawny as Boril but he heals and that’s key. Good luck

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Its attack and defense boost on all allies.

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FYI if I were u I’d b throwing everything dark at Seshat and it Proteus. Nice dark combo there.

I thought Boril is more geared towards defence with his counterattack?

Riposte also works on defense, but really shines on offense, since you’re able to manually control it. Wait for the dispellers and make AoE commit suicide…


Kiril Kiril Kiril

20 Kiril characters


Thanks all shall go with Kiril :wink:

Appreciate much


@MaryJane, you won’t regret it. Kiril (luckily) was one of my 1st healers. He has a VERY long shelf life and is useful across the board, Raids, Defense, titans, AW, Quests etc. Good Luck!!

P.S Don’t even start leveling 5*’s until you have 3-4 leveled rainbow teams of 4* (I’d also recommend leveling a few teams of 3* as well, they are more handy than you would expect)

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Do I still need to level 3* heroes if I have 30 4* hero’s in my roster, some levelled and some not

Only if you don’t have higher heros to work on. With what you have, that will probably be never!

IMO, priority from left to right
Blue: Kiril, Boril, wait for Grimm/Triton if you get, then Isarnia
Purple: Proteus, Rigard, Tiburtus, Seshat
Green: Melendor, Gaderius
Red: BT, Wilbur, Gormek
Yellow: Wu Kong, Chao, Hu Tao, Vivica

Consider also having base *3 heroes maxed will help much, for stacking, event, etc. Faster and cheaper (without more food, feeder and unfarmable mats) to max.
Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Melia, Kailani
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra


Kiril is one of the best, definitely max him first. You’ll still need the 3* for challenge events and raid tournaments, at least 2-3 of each color depending on hero capacity limitations.


In my honest opinion for blue it must be Kiril. For Red it would be Boldtusk, for purple Proteus and yellow Wu Kong. For green finish off Melendor. Good luck

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@maryJane, I would at least have 2 solid teams of 3*. Tournament will require them and they also come in helpful for stacking.
Not to mention, they are quick and easy to max. Good luck!

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You can’t go wrong with Kiril. Along with BT and Rigard he is a top notch 4* healer that you will use throughout the game. You can never have too many healers for AW.

You can work on strong 3* like Balthasar / Nashgar etc for 3* raid tournaments and rare elvel challenge events. There are threads on which are best for these. One top 3* for challenges is Brienne. One top 3* for raid tourneys is Gunnar. They are like mini Wilburs, almost.


Yes - 3*s let you compete in raid tourneys that get you materials to use on your 4/5 stats 3 stars level waaaay faster and make your war team useful. Do at least 2 rainbow 3 star teams. Won’t take more than a few weeks.

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I don’t really see 3 stars raid tourney around… they will give level 3 or 4 star ascention rewards?

Yes, if you’ll finish top 1% or top 5% you’ll have a chance to win 4* mats with 3* heroes. 3* raid tours happend twice of 13 if I remember correctly.


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