Blue 4* Opinions - Agwe and Boril

I will admit the next 4* blue I level will likely see minimal use, but I am having a hard time deciding between Boril and Agwe. I received Boril from TC20 a couple weeks ago. I am already past the point of needing him for raids or beating levels. I consistently sit in the 2450-2600 range in raids and I have finished S2 hard. I really like my blue heros that are maxed, so this is for filling out depth/feeding blue trainers. Does Boril or Agwe have any value I am not seeing? FWIW, I do not have Cyprian leveled either. So no riposte for me.

Blue Roster:
5*: Ariel (+8), Isarnia (4-80, waiting for emblems to take to +1)
4*: Sonya (+20), Grimm (+15), Triton (+3), Caption of Diamonds (4-70), 2nd Grimm (3-3), 2nd Triton (1-1)

I like the idea of maxing different heros before duplicates, but could be swayed to work on 2nd Grimm or Triton. My 2nd Grimm was worked on at the time because I had no better options at the time.

Level boril before he gets nerfed! :+1:

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I think, I would level the 2nd Grimm. I have Cyp at +11 and my Boril sits on 1/1 since weeks. Riposte can be useful against event bosses, but I don’t know if one use in a month is worth the leveling.

I have Agwe maxed and a second on 3/60, the second one is sometimes used on my last crappy war team, the first one I use while farming on 8-7 and sometimes still on S2 hard and he’s part of a war team - with: Kiril, Wilbur, Wu Kong, QoH, Agwe. Firing Wilbur, then Wu, then Agwe makes a huge difference, but without them he’s just too weak in dealing out damage.

Thanks for the thoughts. Kiril and Wu both elude me still. I am not too upset about Wu at this point since I have Ranvir at 4-55 and counting.

Have you regretted Agwe at all? As it stands I almost never need to take my 3-3 Grimm to war because I have enough other heros to bring that I would avoid attacking a team where blue was a necessity.

Is there any talk of Boril getting nerfed? I cant imagine what they would even do to him.

I would say work Boril. He may come in handy for a tourney or an event. And gives you another option in your war benches

No, there’s only one ridiculous thread here :slight_smile:

Concerning Agwe: I regret leveling the second one a bit, he’s sitting there and I don’t want to feed him, but I don’t use him either. The first one…no, he serves me well within the range of his possibilities. You have Ranvir, could work good, too.

You could also give Boril a try at 3/60?

At some point I imagine both will get leveled. I am not sure how much use either of them would have at 3.60. Is Boril more useful in wars than Agwe? That might be the deciding factor since neither of them will make my titan or raid teams and farming 8-7 is a breeze with any 4* squad. I do farm some of S2, but I have not done more than S2 1-9 to get backpacks.

Riposte is a fantastic way to destroy AOE attackers like Azlar, Isania, even GM. The artificial intelligence can be counted on to be stupid and to suicide itself.

I think you would find Boril useful as a member of your war bench, in addition to bosses.


I like the back and forth here. This is why I was having a hard time coming up with an answer. I can see pros and cons to each. If I would’ve pulled Boril 6-9 months ago I probably would’ve brought him up right away.

Although, I did get Cyprian fairly early on. I cant remember when, but I knew Sabina, Rigard, Tibs were ahead of the line. Then I got Sartana, then Thoth and finally Kage. Now that I have a chance to go back, I find Ameonna and Cheshire ahead once again.

I’d put Cyprian ahead of ghost girl Ameonna

Ghost girl is awesome!

Boril is good, I would work on him. He’s got some of the best defensive stats available in the 4* rarity :slight_smile: And counter-attack is his main method of dealing damage, which helps make up for his lackluster attack stat.

He’ll be a nice tank to have for 4* raid tournaments too.

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I still use Boril at +11 fighting in the 2100 cup range. If I press 2200 I lose ground quickly because he just candle handle the 5* hits as well. So probably forget about him at your level of ~2500 @Seef824
In 4* tourneys though he’s still a great tank and loves those AOE hitters stricking multiple riposted heroes… Just eats em up for breakfast.

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Imo, Boril. You can put both him and Cyprian at mid left and mid right respectively and have at least two turns where the whole field is covered in counter attacks. Also he has the highest base defense out of all the four stars.

I have seen the Boril - X - Cyprian combo a time or two. And while annoying, it is not really a big problem with all of the cleansers out there. I would never run them in defense team now because they just wouldnt last.

I think you guys have swayed me to work on Boril first. No real love for Agwe other than some niche circumstances.

I really do appreciate everyone’s comments. This is what I enjoy is hearing different views on the same heros.


@Seef824 Apparently when Agwe was in beta he was a lot more powerful than he is now. That is from what I have been reading from people that had experience with him in the beta.