Help with blue tank, pretty please (war)

My usual war team is GVM+5- Gregorion+5- Kunchen+7- Inari/Onatel+0- Magni+0
and I am one of the bigger bodies on the board.

Colour organisation sub-optimal, tried to arrange for speed.

But my alliance now wants to go with blue tanks, and I am not sure of the best course of action.

My other blue options are:
and Boril, who is at 3-60 still, can speed level him but would not be ready for this upcoming war.

Yes, I have prayed to the RNG gods for Richard, Isarnia or Thorne, but to no avail. my TC20 only spits out purples and reds. 700 coins is unlikely to net me anything useful from atlantis, but the scopes are ready wink wink

I’m thinking Kiril is my best available option right now, but maybe I should just run Magni?
Anyone got inspiration on how to make a blue tank from this list work?

I prefer Kiril or Boril, not Magni.


Yep, Kiril is your best choice. You should gripe to your alliance leaders about the choice of blue tanks.


Of those, Kiril for sure. With Kunchen on one side and a beefy red on the other, I like it.

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Thank you three <3

I thought that red might be an easier one for our alliance to meet as a group, but the argument was made that blue is better for our middle bracket, and I will acquiesce. It’s our first stab at coordination, no matter which colour we choose it will be someone’s weak spot.

Of course, if it goes horribly wrong there will be a new discussion and I will lobby for purple or red, again.

Onatel - Kunchen - Kiril - Gravy - Greg

@Nomerian I guess it’s kiril for you too :laughing:


FWIW, Kiril is looking pretty good at lvl 18


Now that’s a Kiril. His health & def rival Ariel’s base stats.

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Yep, some 4* heroes at +20 are serious contenders in the game. They’re especially valuable because they can be used in 4*-only events/tournaments. Even if Ariel is better than Kiril+20, there are times when Ariel can’t be used.

An emblemed Kiril as a tank should be a solid choice. Especially because a lot of lazy attackers won’t notice the extra emblems and think that you’re an easy (easier) target.


The Super Dwarf Bros with emblems are both great tanks. But Boril not being fully maxed leaves Kiril as your only logical choice.

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