Skadi or Athena? Looking for blue ascension advice

Currently maxed is C Richard and Vela, and at 3.70 I have Arthur and Raffaele.

Last Valhalla picked up Skadi and in ToL just got Athena. I was going to start working on Skadi, but Athena seems more versatile so now leaning her way. I think Skadi will be fun to use against minion teams and for undead horde war. Athena would fit in well with any blue stack as well as replacing Grimm for -def on titans. Other 5*s to consider are Glenda, Misandra, and Thorne.

Maxed 4*s are 2x C Kiril, 2x C Sonya, Sapphire, Boril + C, Frank, Triton, Grimm, and Agwe.

Any input on who to ascend and why would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I love Athena. But with the meta that way it is, I’d go with Skadi. Get a team with minion and you’ll beat them with ease with Skadi in there.


My vote is for Skadi.

The chick is an absolute WEAPON in attack… Lethal in everything Minions…

Pair her with Costume Kiril, Costume Rigard (or another attack buffer) & Skadi and you’ll be unleashing mass carnage on the enemies


Thanks for the input, Skadi it is!

I was curious and looked through the last war. It was green tanks (about 50% of what we face, most of rest are blue and rarely purple or yellow), and Skadi would have been very useful in 4 of my hits which would have likely allowed me to save some of my stronger hitters for other teams.

I find Athena invaluable against titans. Athena plus Miki, then three of the strong color against - works wonders.


I don’t have Athena, Skadi I do, I just let Telluria go off twice and then I just won, so fun against minions.

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I have just ascended my Skadi today

As long as Telluria and minions dominate the meta you will find a powerful and useful tool in Skadi. It brings another different vision to the classic mono raid. Shes one of those heroes that open the door to experimenting. And still you have a great win condition on her undispeleable stacks . Just dont use her in war equalizer.

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I am excited to replace Grimm (or C Kiril) for def down on titans, and Athena is probably the best at that. No Miki, I’ve pulled for him both when he was HotM and featured in Atlantis but it wasn’t to be. Currently using Tarlak as my titan booster.

I consider both Athena and Skadi as “must ascend” heroes, it’s more about the order I get them there.

To me after what I’ve read, the pros for Skadi are that I can almost create another war hit team just with her and some support heroes that might not be used elsewhere and have a high rate of success, and still keep my other teams with the heavier hitters. Currently I’d say about 60% of my war offense are 4*s although most of those with plenty of emblems and my last couple of teams feel weak/more board reliant. Also, it will be lots of fun to have Skadi for undead horde.

Athena seems perfect against red titans, and great for any blue stack on offense. This probably makes her more versatile, while Skadi seems much less effective without minions. However, unless it’s a war equalizer (thanks for the reminder @Lexxtarc), Skadi will probably have a place on a war offense team every war.

With the feedback so far I think I’m convinced that Skadi will be worth working on first though, even if Athena would be much better on titans.


My vote also go to Skadi
Athena also great but between her and Skadi for the best of you Skadi would be the right choice she is more efficiency and her stack ability is crazy

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Skadi is the more fun choice, but IMO Athena is probably the safer choice. I love my Skadi and am very glad that I gave her scopes but Athena is a Titan destroyer (which is where a large portion of 4* mats will be coming from), and is definitely a better attacker vs any defense that doesn’t include minions. At current Telly tanks are extremely vulnerable to Skadi, but if this meta goes away you’re not going to see any current minion heroes on defenses regularly and Skadi will be a pretty mediocre hero.


Athena’s main benefit is defense debuffing, obviously. While the extra stats that come with full ascension would be useful, she can still be used pretty effectively at 3/70. Skadi has to actually kill enemies and their minions to be useful so her stats need to be maxed to ensure she hits as hard as possible. Given your intention to level both, I believe it makes sense to level Skadi first then take Athena to 3/70 so both are useful.

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@FighterJack - I’d go with Athena.

Skadi definitely shines in the current meta.

But Athena’s def down is unparalleled and is an absolutely monstrous support skill on offense - pretty much in any meta. (minions come… minions go… But defense is a base stat and defense down is a skill that’s going to be useful everytime.)

Just my $0.02.

Cheers!! :beers:

It’s been quite sometime since I last saw you here. Hope you’re back to the game and the forum? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the feedback! Both heroes seem very solid, but you and @Mr_Style_Points have a good point that if/when the minion meta fades that Skadi will be much less useful. Even if Telluria goes away I still see Freya here and there, but not sure how much I want to count on that. For now I’ll keep on leveling Skadi though - but I’ll take a closer look at war defense teams and see how useful Skadi might be in each war. About half of our wars we don’t face green tanks, so in particular I will look at those.

I do read the forums fairly regularly and respond to some posts, but maybe fewer responses lately. Glad to be here. :beers: :slight_smile:

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skadi skadi skadi that is all

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I think you have to consider better the present than a possible future where the minion or telluria meta will fade. Nowadays you will melt those teams thanks to Skadi. By tomorrow when those teams are no longer(who knows) im sure you will already have athena maxed too.


It’s better to be proactive than reactive. I agree with @Mr_Style_Points that Athena is a better choice because her greatness doesn’t depend on the meta. It’s like the poster asking who to ascend between Drake and Guinevere. Guin was once the must have, but her time is over, Drake however lives on and continues to rule on offense and defense. Athena is a better choice between the two and that’s coming from a person who has a maxed Skadi. One time, she did win me a raid, but that was a stroke of luck. It wasn’t consistent. Athena and her defense down would have been much more appreciated and a lot more helpful, I just don’t have her. @FighterJack, here is my wisdom for you (just like in AtLA where Aang spoke to his past lives): though it may seem convenient now to level one hero for her novelty, it is important to remember that the tides are always changing, but the waters stay the same. Live for the future and not today’s satisfactions and you will be better prepared for the challenges that come.

That is my best past avatar impression. Lol

Whatever you choose, good luck to you.


Theres loads of hero’s with minions so sakdi is a good choice if you more into rading.
If your more into titans Athena.

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both are great.

personally i prefer athena first. she is too good against titans and in events and raids. this will always be useful. skadi is more situational but amazing on the right situation


You’re spot-on with Athena being the choice, but if you’re having trouble finding consistency with Skadi try out my team build for a while. So much fun while the telly meta lasts.


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