My girls next blue hero to max

So she doesn’t know and I’m on the fence. I’m more inclined to GI with thorne because a Frida, lepus, Thorne combo is a game over for any 3, but Frida, lepus, Richard would be devasting too. All 3 are average and fire off at the same time. Magni is a pimp, but would screw that synergy between the 3 others imo.

What are your guys thoughts?

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I think you can replace cBoril with a magni. Personally, I love Magni. Even if the timing is a little off, he can still kill off a hero if both he and Triton fire off. Or even kill off with the minor damage from Lepus.

So imagine hitting the 2 flanks with magni and triton, then after matching another 3 tiles, you can target the tank with Lepus and Frida. That kills off all 3 as well.

I have and use Athena+8, Frida+19 and Lepus+19. They can all fire in 9 tiles because of talents and/or mana troop. The regular and elemental defense down stack, ensuring high chance of killing 2-3 enemy heroes when Lepus fires.

Richard is my first 5*. I loved the guy since he has helped me way back when I was a fledgling player in 2018. Unfortunately, he is still stuck at 3/70 since then, with the scopes going to Athena, Frida, Lepus, Ariel, Vela, Snow White and Miki. But I promise the dude he’ll get the scopes next when I get his costume since I have 17 in my inventory.

Thorne, I am also leveling him currently, but only to 3/70. I am not really much impressed of him. He may hit harder than Richard, but that is all. At least Richard is much sturdier and has attack debuff to the target and nearby. His costume may also be great.

Magni, I have 2 of him both at 3/70. I badly wanted him way back in 2018 since the classic snipers were a rave back then. But somehow, with the current ice legendaries out in the game, he is left not much wanted anymore. I have Fenrir at 3/70 and they may be a good 1-2 hit combo. His costume version may tell a different story.

Isarnia. One of the heroes I also was yearning in 2018. She has very high attack stat and her defense debuff is among the highest since she hits and affects all. Got her for the first time early this year from Hero Academy (I am still missing only Elena but the effing HA never gave me non-S1 hero even if it was churning nonstop since September 2020). I will be working on her to 3/70 after I get Thorne to that level too, currently at 3/67. May ascend Issy if I get her costume.

In sum, most of the S1 heroes are worth investing their color-specific ascension mats if you have their costume. But I do understand that getting one is just also threading to the needle or looking for a needle in a hay stack. Somewhat nearly impossible, especially for F2Ps. But at least it is not impossible.

Also, allocation of emblems may be a point of consideration. I have a few maxed legendaries unemblemed and they rarely see action in the game.

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Off topic…

An insightful comment. Do you think limit break will exacerbate this issue/problem?

Honestly, limit breaker would break the game, as if it is not already buggy enough. Those strongest and prized heroes get much far stronger. That is what I would do. I dunno yet. I hope Small Giant would drop that project. Instead of devoting their time on something that breaks the game, they should really really really provide QoL improvements, as well as making all the costumes viable as a quest instead of being obtainable behind a paywall in order for most S1 heroes to be respectable and playable again.


Actually no, Lepus is fast. If you put a level 23 mana troop on Frida they can usually fire at same time after three matches

I would ascend isarnia
She has the highest attack stat in game and defense debuff.
That will help huge against titans, and she hits all violently, even though she’s squishy af.

2nd choice would be magni for being fast and hitting hard enough, even though I’m not a big fan of his defense buff.


  • you should try playing something else that mono (Isarnia would help a lot with that)
  • seriously if you play mono don’t use Boril, he’s a joke.
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Not much to say from ne me, Imo Frida is useless but Ariel is a definite keeper.

Frida is what? You crazy, man.


You like suicide girls? Sexy, but not for me.

Are we talking about the same Frida? She’s a paladin, she’s pretty sturdy, although not tank material.

Ariel is good, I’ll give you that. If you’re assessing them both as healers, I have to admit Ariel has the edge. In fact I’d go so far as to say Frida is indeed useless… at healing. If you’re looking for elemental defence down though, she’s your bear.


I have literally never found her a serious issue. She isn’t widely used anymore and I have a suspicion why.

Not so much a threat on defences any more, I’ll grant you. I take her a lot of places though and I am sure I’m not the only one. How would you even know whether your base has been attacked by Frida and friends?

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Excellent and pertinent observation. The truth is, I wouldn’t (and can’t) know. My only experience with her is on defense and she does not belong. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless they get replay, you won’t know who brings in what

I use her every time I use blue, and I have 12 maxed blue 5*
The dispell and elemental defense debuffer are wonders.
She manages BK like a champ, and fire her before Cobalt and it’s game over.

She’s one of my fav blue.


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