Who should get the telescopes?

I have Sonya and Grimm maxed and is working on Kiril. Boril, Triton, and Agwe are waiting. Below are all 5* blue in my bench, 3/70. Which one will you max first?

Who should get the telescopes?
  • Isarnia
  • Magni
  • Lord Loki

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Loki not even a drop of doubt. X

Lord loki… better do 4-5 4* heroes in blue before working on him.

Lord Loki is arguably the most fun hero in the game.

No doubt about that. However, It is not quite fun when only healer left on the other side as he cannot do any damage.

Let’s hope if you only have a healer left to beat, you win. No different than your healer being the only hero left.

Im not against what people said here, although if i were you i wouldnt discard Magni so quickly. Hes really good and if you can emblem him a bit he can make a punch at your level. A good sniper comes always in handy.

I cannot tell you much about Loki because i dont have it(not that i have magni) but the difference is that i have face lots of magnis, i have searching a lot about him, seeing lots of videos and i can tell hes a safe investment.

If you still want to go with Loki, thats fine! He seems to be really solid but less intuitive to play than Magni, i mean, with magni you know you have a shotgun in your hands, hes capable to do damage and hurt.
Loki on the other hand is slower but is more versatile because you can copy enemies abilities.

So its about playstile but both Loki and Magni are by far two steps above Isarnia. Shes not bad, can be useful for events, maps and titans and rush clauses but no competition against Loki or magni.



Isarnia was my first blue 5*, I ascended her ASAP. I got Misandra and Magni then. I had started to work on Magni when I got a Loki.

Isarnia is awesome, especially in hard difficulty in Atlantis and Valhalla, she’s my best defence debuffer (-44% for 6 turns) and 244% damage is no joke. Especially with 6 enemies in the mob.

I had to choose between Magni and Loki and also chose Magni because I really needed a very offensive blue fast hero. On the map, Loki’s villain swing is not that interesting.

Maybe I’m wrong but I feel that Loki is a great hero to have when all your basic needs are met and you have one spot for an atypical hero. But Isarnia and Magni… I love using them and I pray I’ll get their costumes.

As a standalone hero Loki is superior, but in my playstyle debuffers and snipers are just too valuable.


You are absolutely right. Loki is very handy in raid and war. However, he is not that interesting in stage play.

Isarnia was also my first 5* blue and at that time I didn’t have enough telescopes. Otherwise she would be maxed already. haha…

That all depends on what you are lacking or weak on. I would say between Magni and Lord Loki. If you have Magnus costume its a no brainer there. Magni for sure.

I don’t have Magni costume. Hope to get one. Currently I am playing around with both of them to see which one is suit my style most. Kind of like both of them. haha

I voted for Loki but as always, it depends on your roster. Loki is pretty much mostly for raids. Isarnia and magni can be used anywhere and they work fine.

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