Glenda or Alice

These are my ice heroes.
I have 9 telescopes and this month I’ll add more 2 (mission and PoV). = 11 telescopes
I had great luck with ice heroes and Lord Loki will be in Valhalla. I’m planning to summon. And Krampus.

With that in mind, should I:
Ascend Alice?
Ascend Glenda?
Ascend one of them and save the telescopes?
Ascend none and waiting for a chance with Loki and Krampus, or only Loki?

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I guess wait.
Krampus, C.Magni and Lord Loki is very good heroes. And on the end of the month ascend 2 heroes.


I was in the same situation in september, Alice and Glenda, but I ascended Alice because I have awful luck with HOTM, so I ascended, and I got Glenda, and know I have telescopes but I’ll wait for Valhalla.

Loki it’s very unique and fun to play.

Alice it’s great, Glenda also, but if you choose to proceed, thinking in your others ice heroes, maybe Glenda. She’ll help with Vela, Arthur.

Tough spot.


You have some very smashy Blue heroes so them parked either side of Glenda will definitely feel the love when Glenda fires.

I’m ascending Glenda now for exactly that reason too.


Alice is rogue, sniper rogues are excellent wings once emblemed… and her secondary effect is quite good… perhaps to consider in case you need a blue for defense. on offense, alice is also premier league…


Alice is A+ everywhere.

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Do let’s us know how Glenda is working out for you. I have one blue 5* magni and now 3 glendas. Haven’t worked on her at all but I have 6 scopes waiting!

My heart hurts for the lack of love for Alice in here

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Isnt Alice top game sniper considering all colours?

Alice is an amazing sniper for sure. But it all depends on how your team works.

I have Finley, Vela and C.Richard in my my blue stack and parking Glenda inbetween 2 of them will be massive. I’ve had Magni sat untouched for ages because I didn’t need another Sniper in that. If I got Alice she’d get taken to 3-70 and left there presently.

So it’s all relative to what you have at your disposal really.

Vela and finley are fast and glenda average i personaly dont like it.
Its like in my yellow team malosi and jackal charge in 6 tiles and mist in 8 and it doesnt fit very well

I have my Jackal and Malosi in 6 as well but unless you are in a position to have 5 yellow mana at lvl 11 with 5 very fast heroes you aren’t ever going to get perfect synergy.

You can hold back firing a hero if the situation warrants as well but generally I will use the heroes as the first wave and try and blast through the tank. Then build to wave 2 which you hope to have the whole team charged ready to go.

I use slow heroes a lot too so you get to used to synergies a bit more then. Different heroes start to have different roles.

I have Puss in Boots +20, Marjana, Sif +7 and Francine +1 fighting with Alice for rogue emblems… so.

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