Which blue gets scope

Thank you frostmarch, you took long enough to get here.

I don’t have any experience using any of them other that Frida. That being said, she is a beast, and I’d choose her.

Frida and Arthur can work at 3^70
Its easier than you think :slight_smile:
Max Aegir if you need tank (maybe blue tank for war)
Max Frida if not, Arthur is awesome but Frida is better in pvp

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Aegir if you need a tank. Frida if you don’t.

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Aegir (he’s a beast) then Arthur. Why hit for 400 + blue debuff when you can hit for 1,100 + blue debuff :cold_face:

Aegir is a ridiculous tank. It’s him all day for me. Especially when you consider the emblems.
Will he be a top two tank period?

Aegir all day!! Hehe I maxed him and never regret it, comes with me for raids , sometimes titans and of course my main tank. Have him on 7 tier and the defensive stats speak for themself !

Frida works fine at 3/70 and I don’t have King Arthur ( although the cool factor alone maybe worth it to max hehe) and Isarnia has great tile damage but there are so many better wizard options out there.

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