Aegir or King Arthur.. Which one to ascend?

Hi all, I have a delima… Finally get the last telescope for ascension, but can’t seem to make a choice. Ascend king Arthur., or Aegir for the last time ?? Any opinions ?? Or save for Alice or Rumple … Thoughts anyone ?? Thanks in advance😀

Who’s your current tank?

Do you have any other blue snipers or blue Def debuffer?

Alasie, (almost. Lvl 70) Grimm (emblemed), Sonya (emblemed) Isarnia (maxed no emblems yet), my current tank is zimketha , got her 800 prw with Freda also 800 pwr

If you have Frida, Aegir might be more useful.


@Bruno82, @JonahTheBard, ok thanks , I’ve been waiting a long time to get this last telescope for ascension, now I got to make a choice, thanks for your input😀

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