Which Blue For Late Wars?

Hello all,

So I have a pretty mature bench and am currently leveling secondary heroes for later war flags to make sure I can go into every fight with 2 healers (more or less).

Currently though, I have no 5* blues waiting in the queue and am unenthused by most potential Atlantis pulls or event pulls, so unless my TC20 blesses me, I’m unlikely to get any new ones in the foreseeable future. My Warm Cloaks are piling up, and I’d like to start using them, so I’m open to suggestions for my next project.

So I’m looking primarily to improve my versatility with late flags in wars. I have a clear idea in my other colors but am unsure in blue, so I’m looking for recommendations.

Here are the contenders:

  • Triton
  • Boril
  • 2nd Grimm
  • 2nd Sonya
  • 3rd Kiril

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I always, always go for variety. For that reason, I voted for Triton. He is a great sniper and will make your healers restore a ton of health.

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I’ve noticed the last couple of wars that I don’t have enough dispellers.

I noticed this because in the last two wars I swear EVERY darn team I fought had Ægir, Wilbur, or both :stuck_out_tongue:

I also noticed this when I decided to fight a team with a fully emblemed Cyprian, and then got self-wasted by reflect damage haha :stuck_out_tongue:

So my next side project will be to get another couple dispellers on board.

For that reason, I voted Sonja. Though you may already be overflowing with dispellers, I think they provide a very specific and valuable option when team building.

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Imo, any player with medium rooster at least, should have 2 Sonya.

I agree with you, a dispeller in the team is always useful. Sometimes even more than a healer.

So I vote Sonya and my second choice would be Triton, as his buff to healing is very useful. Plus, he packs a nice punch. But he’s squishy, so I strongly recommend to give him emblems to make him sturdier.

I voted Triton for wars, but if you do raid tournaments, Boril is a good tank for 4*, no green tournaments.

Boril followed by Triton.

Boril is awesome against AoE and slashes.

Triton may replace the 2nd healer, if the opponent has also 2 or more healers. His fast snipe makes him a cool 1-2-puncher and he prepares your team to be cured by a single healer.

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Grimm … i just love grimm and for events 5 grimms are great!

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Voted Sonya as you can always use another dispelled. I prefer Caedmon, but until they change him from green, he’s not an option :laughing:

I waffled between Sonya and Boril. Boril is great in attack. I’ve had him kill an entire team whilst my other heroes stood there dumbfounded. Lol. You may consider him after Sonya for that reason.


I think Seshat is going to get my emblems, so he’d just be a 4/70 Triton for a while.

I feel that… I also have Seshat, luckily after Triton so I could give him some emblems before the undead lady appeared. I thought long about removing the emblems from Triton and I decided to leave them on him, to make him more serviceable.

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Dorfs getting no love in the poll :joy:

Might be because this’d be the third Kiril tho. :thinking:

I think everyone who got emblems from beginning can do both, Seshat and Triton. It’s enough for Triton +11, just to pass A800. This 2 heroes are the same on my both accounts: Triton +11 and Seshat +6. From this point either continuing with Seshat or another ranger. More talented heroes means more powerful attacks at war, tournaments and trials.

Well by winner of the popular vote, I think I’ll go with Triton. Not going to be the most stellar option given my ranger tokens are reserved for Seshat, but he can be a decent standalone in late war flags when I’ve used up the kill squad (Grimm-Frida-Richard).

And I think many people have made a compelling argument for second Sonya getting priority, and she does seem a more compelling option than Grimm just because she’s less squishy and fast speed means she’s more likely to fire, which fits my playstyle better.

Thanks all!

I realize you’ve already made your decision, but I want to put in a vote for Boril anyway. I do think Triton will add quite a bit, but I take issue with those who voted for second Sonay. As you already have two blue dispellers, I disagree that she adds as much to your roster at this point.

You mentioned that you try to use two healers on every team. That strengthens the argument for Boril in my mind. Your primary strategy with him can be to fire riposte and let the enemy kill themselves while healing up the damage. I didn’t see if you have any other riposters, but would lean more heavily towards Boril if the answer is no.

Semi-related, you mentioned that your blue squad kills with Frida, Grimm, and Richard. No doubt. But I think that leaves your second blue team thin. Kiril, non-max Grimm, and Sonya? I doubt that generates kills.

I’d experiment with spreading out your blue assets a bit and seeing if that makes you more efficient in war. I’d try:

Team 1: Kiril (either - they’re close in level), Frida, and non-max Grimm - if that can get kills, it’s a HUGE win, since it leaves:
Team 2: Kiril, emblemed Grimm, Richard - I strongly suspect they also make kills


Well currently working on a 2nd Gato right now, so I haven’t pulled the trigger, but I already have a max level Cyprian and end up forgetting he’s even around a lot of the time.

Second round of blues kinda depends, but if I’m talking first few flags, it’s usually emblemed Kiril-Frida-Richard which is more than adequate for everything but the worst boards. Second round is max Kiril, emblemed Grimm, and whatever. After that it depends.

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