Which Blue first?

Everyone here was so useful before so I’m back for another set of opinions. I’m about to have to choose which Blue to focus on for the time being: Triton or Sonya.

Context: I have plenty of capes so ascending is no issue. Currently I’ve maxed:

  1. Grimm
  2. Kiril
  3. Boril (almost, hence the question)

I have maxed Caedmon and Melendor so debuffs aren’t a huge problem for me – provided I bring one. I’m also working a Hansel though, so I may have an incentive not to waste a slot bringing either of them soon.

I’ve been getting a huge amount of use out of Proteus so Triton would kick in with a modest defense bonus – which is nice I guess?

However, it looks like both Triton and Sonya are more or less overshadowed by Grimm for pure attack and it doesn’t seem like either will get a huge amount of use outside of wars.

Of course, the third option is to do nothing (or at least not ascend either) and wait for something better to come around. Which route makes sense?


I would recommend triton!! Kiril Grimm and triton are a great trio. And since you have dispellers in green, no contest between Sonya or triton. I frequently use a team of triton, melendor, Kiril, Grimm, Caedmon in raids. That’s a solid team to take down teams stronger than you with red tanks and a blue flank. Sonya is good for the color option for the dispel in some spots but Sonya’s role is a sniper/dispeller. Triton is a sniper that hits way harder, and he complements a Kiril heal very nicely. Caedmon is the better sniper/dispeller between him and Sonya.


Triton for sure. Sonya is good to have leveled for a dispel in blue, but since you’re not hurting in dispellers, that can wait. No 4* does what Triton does, buffing the healing received. Plus, he’s the best 4* blue sniper.

Waiting would only make sense if you’re close to being able to take a 5* to 80 and need those capes to do so, but since you’ve said you have plenty- Triton is definitely worthy of them. Sonya will eventually be too, but she doesn’t bring anything new to the table, so not as crucial.