Which 4* blue hero after Grimm and Kiril? Triton or Sonya?


Hi guys, I am close to finish ascending Grimm and can also ascend Kiril who is at 3/60 at the moment.
I have a question regarding next blue hero…Sonya or Triton? I am mainly interested in titans/events :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Both a good choices to be honest.

Triton has higher attack stats, but is squishier.
Sonya has dispel but lower attack stat.

So if events/titans are what you’re focusing on I’d say Triton.


For titans or everything that have waves Triton :sunglasses:
For everything that could need a dispel Sonya.

Id say that Triton is more useful overall.


save the capes you need for when you get 5*
Not worth wasting capes when you magically pull a Magni or Isarnia or any blue event hero.

Kiril + Grimm is a formidable combo and one of my go to color stack

you waste them capes you’ll be sitting months on end trying to get more.


So you think that kiril and grimm are the ones worth to be ascended?


Kiril and Grimm are def worth ascending.

I prefer Grimm over Isarnia


Blue is a good color for 4* heroes as they synergize pretty well with themself

To me triton could help the squishy Grimm to stay alive with Kiril’s heals.


That depends of course on one’s ascension mat inventory. Capes on Grimm, Kiril, Triton and Sonya are a good investment, but I agree that it would very frustrating to be ready to ascend Magni but lacking some capes.

My experience has been that I get about 18 capes (for every 6 telescopes (same ratio as other colors, e,g, orbs and darts), so for every 5* I have about 10 capes available for 4*.


I must be lucky with capes or unlucky with scopes then…
7 scopes and 42 capes (-8 for Grimm and Sonya) in my stock :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t bother upping Sonya. she’ll forever be at 3/60
I got Caedmon for debuffing.

Kiril and Grimm gets ascended. I’d much rather bring up a 2nd Kiril for AW and double heal stack.


I only had Sonya when Ares tank were dominating the meta, she is still in my attacking team against red tanks as I only have Sonya and Grimm maxed :man_shrugging:

She is a good hero but not the best… then I had 5 Grimm, 1 Boril and finally 2 weeks ago a Kiril that I’m rushing to 4.70. If I had to redo my ascensions I would have still ascended her: he is useful on Fables event and for the rare tiger.


Sonya is nice against Ares tanks, but otherwise I agree. I have two Kiril and two Grimms and will probably raise two more Grimms after I finish Triton. But it’s nice to have one Sonya available.