Which 4* blue to ascend first?

Sorry for like the nth thread on this, but I’m down to my last compass, so would rather make the right choice than be forced to wait almost another month for Farholme Pass 2 to come around.

I have in my roster:

Scarlett 4/70

Kiril, Boril, Sonya, Triton all 3/60

Peters 3/60
Telluria 2/60
Melendor costume 2/50

Mist 4/70
Li Xiu, Chao 3/60

Rigard + costume 4/70
Merlin 3/60
Ursena 2/60

Yeah not a very deep bench, and hence not many ascension mats, so want to be really careful. I know Kiril is held in very high regard, but I feel I have a severe lack of decent hitters at 4/70, so I’m actually inclined to go with either Sonya or Triton.

Sonya I like because she brings another fast dispeller in blue color, plus she’s pretty sturdy and that means the likelihood of her firing at least once is good. Triton hits like a bulldozer but he’s squishy, and I also feel he’s kind of a one-trick pony aka really good sniper but the other half of his special (healing buff) is extremely situational. Though I guess an argument could be made that he goes well in a blue stack with Kiril which improves his healing to 39%, or almost a blue Rigard+dragon banner.

Your reasoning is pretty solid in that another sniper would add the most to your roster atm. For me, it would be down to what your priority is right now.

If it’s wars, go Sonya. I found that I need at least one dispeller in virtually every war team. (Although a case for Kiril could be made here too)

If it’s titans, go Triton. He has a pretty high attack stat which is important for good titan hits.

If it’s PvE, also Triton. You rarely need more than one dispeller in a team for that, and you already have Caedmon.

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For me it is between Sonya & Kiril

Kiril will give you a second healer which is AWESOME. He also brings a defence buff which BT doesn’t have.

Sonya gives some sniping damage buy most important gives the dispells.

Either one will be useful long term.

Wars, definitely wars. Or rather I should say, I like wars because it gives me a chance to practice effective stacking and learning to play the board better because more often than not I’m running sub-optimal teams for my last two flags.

Ok I guess Sonya it is then, since she’s the only one to appear in both recommendations. Plus she’s a paladin, and the only other paladin that truly is worth of emblems that I have is Telluria, and she’s a loooooong way out from 4/80. So could always give Sonya some emblems to give her the extra oommph, then reset when I finally get Telluria to 4/80 a year down the road (maybe, depends on the tonic god lol).

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At your stage, I was lucky enough to pull a Triton, but unlucky in that I had few healers - only BT. Triton isn’t quite an extra healer, but he turns BTs little heal into a big heal, or Rigards big heal into a massive one.

And he hits hard too!

In my honest opinion, I would go with another healer - (Blue) Kiril.
It’s ok having fast snipers but if you can’t keep your heroes alive long enough to hit a few times …
But if you don’t go down the healer path, as others have said, focus on Sonya next
Good luck

Kiril is the best 4* blue that u will use forever and good for everything, pairs well with Grimm.

Sonya and triton do dmg and dispel is nice for sonya but U have Caedmon and other heroes do good dmg too.

Same here.
You already have BT similar to Kiril and Caedmon similar to Sonya.
You can’t go wrong either.
I say Kiril since the combo Kiril+Grimm is a bit stronger than Grimm+ Sonya.
Do Sonya afterwards.

To echo several who have already posted… I’d go Sonya.

Eventually you will find less of a use for triton. Sonya will be viable for longer… she’s already beefier than triton. Her costume is great and she becomes beastly with some emblems.

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I have 35 heroes (lvl 70 or above) for war but I am doing a 2nd Kiril right now as I only had 5 maxed healers and my blue roster is my strongest…so I can build different blue stacks.

I have a maxed Triton but I hardly ever use him. Even for wars. May be this changes with maxing 2nd Kiril. I have Sonyas costume so I even think of doing a 2nd Sonya,too.

in another year from now you’ll eventually have all of them but boril maxed and think back on how much time we all spent deliberating which of these needed to be done first.

I have sonya +18 on emblems b/c I can’t seem to get telluria. I dont have a frida either. I find that I do blue stack with sonya both for those rare tiger titans and also for attacking teams that use BK as a center tank unit. Unless you get Frida, Sonya will provide you the most long term value of the three.

I stack Triton with Proteus and Gad in 4* tournaments all the time. If you get Gad and max him, the three heroes not only get a family defense boost but have huge synergy: Triton boosts Gad’s hot, Gad boosts Triton’s attack and Proteus slows down the battle to buy Gad more time. Depending on where you are in your raids (are you attacking mostly 3-4* teams or are you on purely 4* or have you moved to the 5* teams), Triton stacked with your Costumed Rigard will give you a much bigger impact than Kiril or Sonya for the immediate future. This matters because you’ll have all these guys soon enough.

Kiril is awesome, especially in the buff booster tournaments. But also in that he reverses the attack debuffs and def debuffs you’ll get hit with. You already have BT and Costumed Rigard though… he wouldnt give you as much immediate game changing value.

Boril- I’m not a fan of counter attack heroes. They get dispelled or simply ignored by rangers. They don’t do anything else. You can take him into war, unmaxed, charge him up and he will be targeted and do his job. I am not 100% sure, but I suspect if he is not maxed and his defense is lower, his counter attack will actually do a lot more damage. Use him on your last war team when attacking teams with non-ranger snipers (Marj for example).


If It helps i have a 5* to work on(i have already the mats) but i have started to work in s Kiril that TC 20 gave me last week.
I have plenty healers but theres something that makes Kiril unique. Hes the only blue healer that is easy to get and he adds a huge value to your roster .
Where do you use him?
War attacks
Season 2 or 3 stages

And if you emblem him and dont have another option you could put him on defense team too

So , you wont regret on maxing him despite having or not more healers

I hear what you’re saying, but I guess my thinking is I’d rather patch up a sore spot in my roster sooner than later. Having a well rounded roster means I have maximum flexibility, which can help me win more raids/wars/tournaments/events and hence getting more loot. It was a no brainer getting all those blue heroes to 3/60 since it doesn’t cost me anything apart from time, but going to the 4th ascension means I’m being AM gated, and I’d rather make the “right” choice that will help me go the farthest.

Nope no Frida, and having fought a rare tiger titan just two weeks ago I completely agree. Dear god that riposte special is deadly, and of course Caed was the weak color. My Sonya was only 3/40 at that time but I still brought her along as without her dispel, once the tiger’s special went of it was game over.

I do have Gad, but I’ve just never seen any use for him so he’s been at 1/1 for the longest time. Don’t have Proteus though, but if I do pull him next Atlantis, I may rethink leveling Gad based on what you said.

I’m in low gold, so attacking pure 4* teams 70% of the time, with the remaining split between mixed 3*/4*, and mixed emblemed 4*/5* at 3/70.

Yep that was my line of thinking too. Sure having another healer/buffer in a different color is nice, but like you said, it doesn’t provide anything immediately game changing.

Boril is ok for defense until low gold, where pretty much everyone has a dispeller and he basically becomes a giant meatshield. But as you pointed out can be a monster on offense, especially if you’re facing a team of AoE hitters. Watching Isarnia and Azlar melt their own faces off is always fun. :grin:

Kiril, eventually you will want to have 2-3 each of Rigard, BT and Kiril.

you have 2-3 rigards, bts, and kirils? why? I try never to use more than 2 heroes on an attack team- so in war, at most, I might use 12 healers. and even then, preferably they’re 5* healers…

gad is one of my favorite 4* heroes- max him on emblems and pair him with mana troops and he becomes average speed. his defense is strong enough that he gets hit by lianna and survives. mostly though he is the cheapest green with an attack buff in the game, good for blue titans. if you have tarlak, that’s another story.

in the 4* rush tournament, there is an argument to be made that gad is the best tank in the game at the moment. (bring on the counter arguments)

anyway if I were you, I usually go against the grain, I would be looking at grimm, triton and costumed rigard and building a raid team around that. let’s get tibs in there to double down on the def down. and then either sabine or sonya for dispell. suddenly you have a pretty sweet 3:2 stack against red or yellow tank teams.

again, you’ll have them all maxed soon but triton plus costumed rigard plus grimm sounds sweet.

For wars, these 3 heroes are the backbone for your war teams.

General rule is to try and have 1 full healer and a second utility or hot healer while trying to stack strong or neutral colors vs tank and flank.

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so you have used 3 kirils in war? the only heroes where I’ve maxed out dupes are 3* because who wouldn’t max out every nordri they get but with 4* and 5* - there are so many out there, having 2 or 3 of the same seems tedious. Maybe if I had a pair of Falcons or Jackals, I could see myself maxing those…

I think the only 4* healer that I use a lot for raids or wars is costumed rigard- and only because I dont have kunchen. although that said, him being a ranger, when I stack purple with him, the tiles ignore defense all the time. it is pretty awesome against guin and vivica and other teams with defense buffs.

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