4* Blue.....which one to level up first

Hi guys, I just wanna throw this out there for some advice. I have Boril, Triton and Agwe all at 3/60…which one shall I give the final ascension to first? I appreciate all 3 are very different and can have their strengths depending what team they’re in. I suppose I’m asking which one would you least like facing in a raid…I suspect Boril although he’s a bit of a one trick pony…thanks for any advice :blush:

Depends on what else you have available. I’d vote for Triton. Boril can be a great tank in Platinum, though. Just don’t choose Agwe :stuck_out_tongue:


The short answer is… Not Agwe. Otherwise, it depends on what you need. If you are flush with hitters, Boril can be a great defense tank for a long time. He can also help turn back some of those nasty sniper attacks in late season 1. If you are lacking hitters, though, Triton packs a punch with his special, and he can boost your healers - which I assume you have instead if you are low on hitters.


Thanks Guys…I think I’ll go with Triton as I have Kiril on his talents, defensive hero’s and healers which are well advanced 2 x Sabina (talents and 4/60) I have Vivica at 4/45 also…I’m guessing Triton will work well with these. I wasn’t sure how Agwe would be following final ascension…he can sit on 3/60 haha

Given what you have just said about your lineup, that sounds like the right call. Good luck.

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Boril may be a one trick pony, but his trick can be devastating. He is nice on defence in platinum. I find that I use him more on offense now than I did when I was in platinum. My personal opinion is that boril will have greater longevity than triton. Triton becomes too squishy the higher you go. Boril remains consistent, and can edge off those annoying AoE hitters.

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Triton for mine

I actually think that a Boril has a shorter lifespan than Triton. I still use my Triton on Red titans, with Aegir it’s a heal athon. Boril hasn’t been Titan hunting for months. Triton will sometimes get a raid spot on red tanks also. And Triton still gets a run in wars most times too, in a mono blue stack

Agwe sits at 1/1 in my roster, hoping that someone buffs him and he will one day get a meal

TRITON definitely will be good choice

Much depend on your bench and class variety but I personally prefer Boril.
Besides being quite a reliable tank in platinum, Boril is also very useful in raid tournament.
My defense team with Caedmon lose 6 matches all to a Boril’s tank.
Triton with high attack stat can be quite handy for stacking.

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Boril for me…he is such a good tank at high defensive ability.

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Triton is superb!

I had triton paired with kashkrek in my early days. Triton adds 39% healing to any healing received once special fires for 4 turns.

Triton now pairs with Kunchen in my first team and still proves very useful.

Tile damage for triton is now heading towards 800 with emblems. You won’t regret it!


I often run Triton and Kiril together on raid offense. this gives me the flexibility to choose whether to have Triton go first to boost Kiril’s heal, or have Kiril go first to boost Triton’s attack and murder an enemy hero. And Triton combines well with healers or other colors too - especially Boldtusk.


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