Which blue five star should I max next?

Currently blue is the only color I have a set of mats for, so my question is, who is going to be the one? Options are Richard, Isarnia, Raffaele. This is my full roster: HeroPlan.io

None of them I am super excited about and none of them would make it in my main blue team.

Isarnia would be useful against Titans, but not super necessary having already Finley and Frida. I read that there is a cap on max defense reduction. So not sure if Issy would even make much of a difference.

With Magni and Finley I have two amazing hitters. So Richard might only see some use in wars.

Raffaele is slow but really sturdy and his heal is amazing. He wouldn’t get much use but somehow seems the most interesting one.

There are no other blue heroes out there who I really need to have. Vela won’t be available until next year. Ariel would be nice, but I don’t intend to summon a lot on next ARs…

Other question that is not that relevant at this point:
Which purple hero next? Second Panther, second Clarissa or maybe even Quintus or Obakan? Lol…

raidT and titans


Regular defense debuff is capped at -64% (or is it -65%). However, your heroes’ regular defense debuff just overwrites each other. Only Athena and costumed Brienne increase the regular defense debuff everytime the target and nearby or all enemies are hit.

If I were you, I’d hold on to your scopes. I reckoned that I would only ascend Rich and Issy if I got their costume since the costume bonus is a good add-on to them. But if you can’t wait, maybe Raffa would serve you in some aspects of the game.

As to purple choices, I agree with @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS ascending a second Panther since she would serve you well on a second purple team. Unfortunately, I dont have a second Panther so I just leveled a second Clarissa instead.

For purple, I’d go with 2nd Panther out of all your 5*s.

But if you want to save food and still get a very useful hero, honestly I’d consider doing a 2nd Rigard.

I have two – one at +19 with mana node to use with level 1 mana troop, the other unemblemed and used with level 5 mana troop. I use both of them every single war with costume, since cleansing ailments has become so important in this meta. I wish I had 3rd one tbh.


For blue, I’d go with Raffaele out of all your 5*s. He also has been getting a lot of use with cSonya – I usually bring two cleansers against Gravemaker + Vela flanks, doing a 3-2 red-blue team with them. He has honestly impressed me and I don’t regret ascending him.

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Yes, I know. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I asked myself if Frida+Issy makes a big difference vs Frida+Finley. But then also, Finley is +18 and has the highest tile dmg. So I would take him against titans anyway and couldn’t prevent that he will overwrite Issy’s special from time to time. Thanks for your input!

Yep, this is what I am doing currently. I don’t level more than 2 five stars at once and am currently leveling Elkanens costume and Raffa. Wasn’t quite sure about raffa though, but good pd to hear you are satisfied with him.

Also I had bad experience with bringing a second hero to 3-70 before having the mats… And then get another good hero who is going to get them. Looking at my yellows, it was probably a waste to bring my second Onatel to 3-70. So I won’t start with Panther until I have the mats. Might even level a third Rigard before.

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I would say what kind of character are you lacking for your blues?
Since you already have a few heavy hitters i would say Richard is not as important. A debuffer would be nice to have especially in wars with Isarnia. I however always had back luck finding a getting a good 5 star blue healer until Raffaele. He works very well on the left flank with any of the res warriors on the left wing. You also said that Ariel would be nice but you dont want to pull her and you already have Raf. Personally i would level Raf to 3/70 and maybe ascent when you get more scopes in case one you’ve been dying for is pulled.

For the next question, Wait on the purple and try to get Kunchen. He makes an amazing healer and one hell of a debuffer. He would give a defense down and heal freeing up a spot if you choose Isarnia for a sniper on titan teams. If your dying to level one up though I would choose Clarissa. I made the biggest mistake on leveling Obakan. Worst waste of materials in my career of this game.Recycle Obakan at the Hero Academy for ANYONE ELSE!

Q1. Raffaele bc you dont have Ariel as a healer and he works wonders with Resers.
Q2. Wait for Kunchen at the Tavern or Clarissa. Kunchen can do the defense down of Isarnia and heal up your team. Use Oba to try to get a new 5 Star at the Hero Academy.

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It does.
A -10% percentage point difference in defense reduction translates to an even bigger difference in the damage dealt.

My Isarnia would like to speak to you in her office. :slightly_smiling_face:

Isarnia base attack stat is 797 without the costume bonus (while Finley’s is 753)

Far as I know, Isarnia with Costume has the highest tile damage in the game.

Even if I remove the 5% attack bonus from costume bonus, you’re looking at around 836 attack stat just at +11.

Combine that with Issy’s higher def down ailment (for a longer duration 6 turns vs 3 turns)

Pretty sure Finley can’t beat Isarnia in the Titan game.

Looking at your roster, If I were in your position, I would take the following team against Red Titans

Kiril - Frida - Isarnia - Magni - Ranvir

That should pretty much take care of the tile damage part without having to worry about any def ailments overwriting each other.

Just my two cents.

Cheers!! :beers:

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Thanks for the reply. I think I will take raffa to 3-70 and try him out a little. I have already 9 scopes so might wait until i have a second set… Depending on how useful I find him on 3-70.

About purple: I really wanted Kunchen so bad when he was hotm. But with my current roster, I am not really keen on getting him anymore. Would probably level some more cRigard dupes for heal and cleanse in war. I often read from people who have both, that they prefer rigard on offense.

I think I just wait with my purples until I have a full set.

My HA will be maxed in 17 days. Already have a few dupes (Issy, Quintus, Elkanen) I would retrain before using Obakan. Though I am still not sure if I just keep Obakan for the matter of completing my collection… And about dupes for HA. Not sure if I should feed my second Elkanen to the HA, now that I got his costume. But with an already maxed Lianna and a Zocc soon to be leveled. Not sure if I would ever max him. Still got Kadilen + costume to level. She will be next after Zocc.

Agreed, emblemed Issy would beat emblemed Finley against Titans. But my Issy wouldn’t see any emblems (Onatel and maybe JF get them). And I don’t have her costume either. So in my case it’s 865 tile damage vs 797.

The -44% is obviously better, but as mentioned I am not sure if finley+frida reach the defense down cap anyway. Also, with the damage calculation formula, it wouldn’t equal 10 percent less defense in total. So the benefit of having -44% might be insignificant.

Currently using Frida, Finley, Magni, Aegir and Ranvir against titans. After maxing Kiril I tried him a bit instead of Aegir, due to his atk buff. But came to the conclusion that the shared damage increases the survivability of my team much better…


Aah. If you can’t emblem Isarnia, then your choosing Finley over Isarnia is understandable. :slight_smile:

In that case, maybe you should try out Raffaele at 3/70 and see how you like him.
Never hurts to have a 5* healer. :slight_smile:

With regards to the survivability thing with Titans, Arrows+AxeAttacks help me with that. They are cheap and effective. Along with them, I take health pots and mana pots. (I am talking about 10-11* titans. I use unemblemed Kiril. But again, I have Vela who keeps the Titan’s attack under check.
If you’re going for even higher titans, then as you said, Aegir could be the better choice for you.)

Whoever you choose to ascend, make sure to have fun!

Cheers!! :beers:

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I remember that shot. Workin Panther VFX… :grin:

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Ok, until now i am still sitting on 12 telescopes. Haven’t ascended any blue since i started this thread as i prioritized other heroes. Now Glenda just joined the party and I took a few more considerations into account which makes this a tough decision for me.

Glenda - I was really hoping to get her but after @Guvnor explained how her special is less effective in increasing damage than Kiril, I am not so sure anymore. Should mention though that i usually don’t use kiril except for wars. But still, her boost is less than expected. But still pairs well with my finley and frida or magni i suppose.

Raffaele - i wasn’t really thrilled about him but i read a lot of positive things about him by people who have him maxed. Also with very fast wars coming up, slow heroes are becoming more relevant again

Isarnia - Again, in very fast wars she will be super useful.

Richard - I have good hitters in blue already. But i might move to a new alliance in a bit and will face 14* titans then. I heard attack debuffers can help the team to survive and are quite relevant here.

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Unless you have Ariel you can’t go wrong with Raffa IMO.

I’m talking about attack and building a blue team. Blue 5* healers are rare, attackers are common.

I run a 4-1 attack stack, Ariel is in that team, so lucky me. I think it’s essential to have a healer in your attack, if I don’t have to add Rigs for that role all the better(synergy).

I had my heart set on Raffaele for my next scopes to build a second blue squad, but then Cobalt came into my life…

Raffa is next though!

One more, again IMO… Never be put off by slowness in your attack team! It invariably comes with sturdiness!