Isarnia or Aegir

I do have enough telescopes to fully ascend another blue 5*, but I’m trying to figure out which one. My priorities are titan, raid offense, war, raid defense. Here’s my team (I’m not going to list not started heros for colors other than blue):

Blue - Maxed: Alasie, Kiril, Sonya, Grimm; Current Project - Isarnia (3-35); In Progress - Boril (3-60), Triton(3-52), Perseus(1-19); Not started- Aegir, Rumpelstillskin, Richard, Valeria, Agwe

Red - Maxed: Gravemaker, G. Falcon, Boldtusk, Scarlett; Current Project - Wilbur (4-61); In Progress - Natalya(3-62), Sir Lancelot (2-45), Elena (1-10)

Green - Maxed - Zeline, Hansel, Caedmon, Melendor; Current Project - Alberich (4-59); In Progress - Lianna (2-60), Peters (2-41)

Purple - Maxed - Sartana, Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus; Current project - Mok-Arr(3-37); In Progress - Aeron (2-49), Merlin (1-37)

Yellow - Maxed - Delilah, Gretel, Wu, Chao. Current Project - Joon (3-44); In Progress - None

Isarnia for sure. She is great for titans and more useful overall imo.

I don’t have Aegir but from reading around his uses seem limited.

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Since titans are a priority I would go with Isarnia. 797 base attack, offensive special skill, and she debuffs enemy defense

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I say wait for better 5☆ hero.
Try to get Athena or just hand there for Magni
Also ascend both to 3^70 and test them
By then it will be clear to you which one you really need.

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Titans - Isarnia for SURE.

Hi all, what about Richard vs Isarnia vs Aegir ?

Which one is more usefull for War and Titan ?

Still Issy, unless you need a blue tank for war, then Richard is a possible tank. But once she is maxed, if you can get issy to trigger the raid/battle is almost always yours (I have never lost once Issy fired).

And her d down is huge against titans.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

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