Help with Acsension plan for the next 5* blue hero

Hello Guys! It’s time to raise the next blue hero!
So I have to choose between the following:

I have max Finley,Ariel and Fenrir!

Thank you gyus!!

Vela has been nerfed twice, so no.

A second Richard is no.

A second Thorne is no.

A slow Isarnia is no, unless you get her costume for you to be able to make her skill fire from slow to average. She is good against titan because of the double whammy, i.e. high attack stat and defense down, especially with the costume bonus.

A second Fenrir is no.

In sum, variety is better as a general rule but certain exceptions warrant some. If I were you, I’d wait for other better heroes or try my luck in the costume chamber using free keys, or other portals for that matter using freebie summoning. Good luck.

That is, it is better to wait than to Max one of those I have!you stressed me now!
I did 65 pulls on Ninja tower andi got only the three 4* Ninja!

Errr… please elucidate. When you mentioned (double), does that mean that you have already a maxed hero and asks for opinion whether maxing a second one is good?

In my honest opinion, you are better with variety heroes rather than duplicates.
Personally I wouldn’t max Vela following the nerf. I would leave her at 3/70.
Richard will make a decent Tank if you need blue.
The next costume for Thorne looks good, so he is a contender. Stacks well with Grimm
Isarnia is good for the Titan but best in costume.
And you already have Fenrir
So it all depends on how you are going to use your next blue hero

you say that you have maxed Finley Ariel and Fenrir, So I guess you have 2 Velas, 2 Richards and 2 Thorne duplicated but not maxed.

Then I´d go Richard or Isarnia.

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Why is everyone not recommending Vela just because she was nerfed twice? She seems to be worse on defence due her niche skill with a green tank being removed but she’s gained it in being more versatile in offense… there may be an argument for Isarnia for the extra defence down but I still think Vela’s better than all the season 1 alternatives.

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I did not specify, you are right, this is the first time I want max one of them!

Correctly!!20 characters

Yeah. Vela would be my prime candidate for the scopes even if she was nerfed twice as long as it is not a second Vela being maxed. Her being nerfed reduced her skill damage multiplier (from 150% down to 130%) and her water damage over time (from 212 water damage in 4 turns to 171 water damage in 3 turns). Her attack debuff to all fire enemies from -34% (which was what made her an ideal flank for Telluria since the attacker would stack oftentimes heroes of the fire element) became an attack debuff to all enemies to -24%, and she lost the skill of dealing extra damage against fire enemies. What was not nerfed on her was her mana speed, stats and the undispellable Element Link of giving all Ice allies +10% critical chance for 6 turns which can only be optimized if used in offense when stacking blue, but rarely on defense unless you also have Finley, but by then, you can only support either Finley or Vela with your best blue troop while the other, more often than not, is supported by a low-leveled blue troop unless you have been in the game for approximately 3 years or have spent quite some gems in the troops portal in getting the ideal epic troops and feeder troops.

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I’d definitely consider Isarnia for titans - high tile damage combined with defence debuff makes her an almost automatic pick when you have her maxed.

Heck, I still pack Isarnia on titans even with Athena on board (fire them at different times) purely because her tile damage is so high!

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Hi,guys!!Yesterday I got my first Magnie! Now the data is changing to whom should I focus?

Thank you!!

Guys Do not forget me !! Sorry if I push you! But I am in a dilemma now that I got my first Magnie !!

I think Magni should be the first of the blues you have. I have and love Isarnia for her tile damage and def down, but Magni is probably the better choice to start with.

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Magni changes this post for sure, Level him first and then pray for costume after!

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+1 for Magni, fast sniper plus protect nearbly is great.

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