Which 5* heroes to max next?

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Right now there are plenty heroes I have to level. Since my roster is deep enough for war and raid tournaments, I switched from levelling 5 heroes with same color only, to level only one. Currently I am maxing JF, in a few days I will level Telluria. But who should come then?

Blue: Richard or Isarnia? PoV Lvl 50 will give me the last scope to max one of them. I have Aegir, Frida and Magni maxed. With Triton+20 I have another sniper. So I tend to Isarnia. Higher def debuff than Grimm could be useful on Titans.

Purple: Obakan or Quintus? I know, both are no A Grade heroes. But since I have 9 tabards already, maybe it’s time to max a second purple 5*. Right now I am having Guardian Panther, Rigard Costume+18, Proteus+18 and Tiburtus Costume+3 on my purple team.

Yellow: Leonidas or Vivica? Poor Leonidas is waiting for almost 1.5 years for his mats. He was one of my first 5* heroes. But then Onatel and Ranvir got in his way. Now I recently got Vivica and think she might be the better option. Similar Tile Dmg regarding titans. But the healing and def buff might have a better impact than Leonidas’ direct damage.

Personally, I’d go:

Blue - Isarnia (You already have Aegir for a tank, I think Isarnia is a better addition)
Purple - Depending on how much/often you pull, I would wait here
Yellow - Vivica (The defense buff and cleanse is really good, plus I’ve never liked Leonidas)


Quintus isn’t good, but I could imagine him having a nuclear bomb like effect when combined with GP, Costume Rigard, and Costume Tibertus.

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I planned to wait until the other 5s and Merlin are maxed. Also the S3 3 and 4* heroes will be first probably. In the past months I made about 1-3 10-pulls each month. But since I have this bunch of heroes of all grades waiting for ascension, as well as a few Rigard and BT dupes for AW, I decided not to spend any money on offers anymore except for VIP (and maybe Valor Pass) until everyone on the list is maxed. So for the next 3 months at least I guess…

So if no Sartana (or Ursena, but I am super unlucky with S2 5*s) will show up till then, I will probably max one of them…

Fair enough. If I had to choose between Obakan and Quintus, I’d choose Quintus in a heartbeat.

To me, Quintus isn’t scary until he’s about to go off. I’ve never once been hesitant about setting Obakan off.

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Blue: Isarnia, for the reasons you explained.

Purple: if you really don’t want to wait, Quintus.

Yellow: I think Vivica would be more useful, especially if you get the costume

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My votes:

Issy; Defence debuff is on point & has a mega attack stat… even better when you get her costume

Personally would go with Quintus. His attack is great with a purple stack, especially with Rigard Costume & Guardian Panther

Probably Vivica… Looks like you don’t have a 5* healer so she is ideal for that perspective. Leo is a good sniper but you (kinda) already have Ranvir for that… Vivica also has the benefit of having an existing costume which you could get eventually.

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Isarnia and vivica

For purple, since u had panther maxed, obakan might synergy with her. Charge at same time and hit on 3.

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Thanks for all your feedback. So I will stick to Isarnia and Vivica and regarding purple… well there is still some time left till I get there, still hoping to get a option till then…

I would rephrase your Quintos statement to Quintos is not as good as ___.

Quintos is pretty lethal on offense in raids and also in pve (for what it’s worth).

That said, for the op, you don’t have to use materials just because you have them. You can wait until you get more obvious heroes to level up.

My advice would be to wait and see what heroes you get between now and when Telluria is maxed.

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Ok, some time has past and my first post seems so outdated already, cause I got pretty lucky with summons in the past months.

Recently after I wrote this I got Finley, so Isarnia had to wait. Already got 5 scopes for her (How did that happen? My first set took me 8 months!)

Yesterday I pulled Clarissa on my first Atlantis summon and I am happy I didn’t spend my tabbards on Quintus yet (same amount as 2 months ago)

Now yellow again:

Still Viv or Sif? I also have Lady Woolerton now and might even level her first. But for Titans I think Viv is the better healer, giving protection to the whole team. I also imagine Sif to be quite useful against Titans, though. Never used riposters much, but somehow I like Sif and from what I read she is totally worth the mats…

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