Next blue 5*

I have 13 scopes and just pulled my very first Magni from HA10. Is he still relevant? A second Lepus better? Thorne also seeing a boost to 490%. Who should get them or should I wait for a S4 or Starfall blue? (I’m also sitting on 21 tonics and 19 rings, I like to wait for my best options typically).

Currents maxed blues:

My options:

I would go for Raffaele. Healer would be good for blue stack


I second that, Raf can basically reset a match if not quickly accounted for.

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I am lacking 5* healers outside of yellow…I just usually focus on offense over defense. Maybe it’s time to get some more heals though. Thanks for your opinions!

If I didn’t have Athena, I’d do Magni if I just have his costume. Seeing the lack of such, I’d do instead Issy and her costume. High attack stat and higher defense down ailment, she is good against titans, still one of the best resource for ascension mats as they appear daily. Raffaele is decently usable at 3/70 though I shun at slow healers as it is always too late for them to save the party, (my Viv sits at 3/70 since 2018, and will only be ascended when I get her costume), unless they are costumed Vivica or Mother North or Lady of the Lake, who do more than healing.

In my honest opinion, with your Ice Roster, I would focus on Raffaele first and then Isarnia as my second choice.
However if you got the costume for either Thorne or Magni they would overtake Isarnia for levelling.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Another Raff vote. He is amazing in the Ninja tower late levels with the super heal on low health heroes.

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