Defense team: Triton or Sonya

hi guys, looking for some advice on defense team for raids.

i have all 4*s but guardians and hansel on roster, however only offense team is fully ascended and emblemed. it can bring me up to 2.200 but cant hold it there successfully. neither marjana, joon, mitsuko and richard, all at 3.70 cant help out effectively. in alliance we are at level 8 titans, so the resources for 4.80 are limited. therefore id like to create and optimize a defense team for high platinum from existing 4s.

my thinking:
in left wing position, grimm cant hold much. so either sonya to add another dispel (to caedmons) which works very well when defending but she hits for less, or triton as much better sniper dmg-wise but squishy and i dont really need this healing buff with 2 strong healers. both i can emblem up to lvl3.

next replacing wukong: danzaburo instead of li-xiu as central evasion tank. hes the only other-than-red rogue i can push to +8 on emblems thus gaining alot defense and evasion, for li-xiu i would use wukongs emblems (+4) as in the offense team hes not priority target that much so i gonna strip him.

my questions, who to ascend:

  1. triton or sonya for blue sniper
  2. li-xiu or danzaburo for yellow tank

thanks for every input, cheers

my current offense/defense team:

my future defense team (triton or sonya for blue, li-xiu or danzaburo for yellow):

Your second team is too slow on dealing damage, your first team is good but I would change his positions:

Rigard - Grimm - Boldtusk - Caedmon - Wu Kong


I like Triton better than Sonya, he hits a whole lot harder and the heal buff is handy and unique. I think Grimm is pretty good on defense though (squishy but dangerous) but I think he is more likely to fire at flank


OMG!! I’m going to disagree with @Infinite??? I’d put Grimm in the wing position due to the squish factor, he has a better chance of actually firing there IMO. Or bring an extra healer to help him if you do use him in the flank position. Love Grimm but he’s as tough as a well cooked Filet medium rare.

Edit: Sorry Jason…there’s someone else…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Since you have Caedmon maxed I would go with Triton over Soyna. More diversity in your roster is a good thing. Soyna is worth the effort after triton.

Li would be my choice over Danzaburo. She can be a real pain in platinum level. Danzaburo is always waiting for his turn in my roster.

Your first team is good but I would swap wu with Li when she’s maxed. I really like Wu but he’s not made for defense. Long term I think you’ll want the monk emblems on Wu Kong a lot more than Li. Wu+ 8 is much more reliable on titans than without the emblems.

Good luck

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I agree with @PapaHeavy Grimm on the wing.
I also agree with @Killen-time about Triton over Sonya & Li Xiu over Danzaburo. I have seen both Li Xiu & Danzaburo in the tank position but IMO I prefer Li Xiu; more dependable.


this is great feedback guys, appreciate it a lot!

Glad to help.

Just Remember variety is one of the secrets to success in this game. With color stacking you will be able to win against lots of teams higher then you. This is why it’s recommended you do 3-4 rainbow 3* teams then move on to at least 3 4* rainbow teams before moving on to level 5* characters.

Also 4*'s are the foundation of this game especially with emblems. You can do most of the challenge events and get all the necessary AM with 4*'s.


You fickle little vixen! It’s over between us, pack your things and get out :joy:

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I WAS going to tell you after Atlantis Rising!! I swear!!! :joy:

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