Capes to Grimm or Sonya (have Lepus, Kiril, Triton, Aegir)

Hi all,

I searched the forums for similar topics Grimm vs. Sonya, but found the other players asking didn’t go into that much detail on their context. Was hoping for some help from the collective wisdom here :slight_smile:

For Blues, I already have Kiril and Triton maxed/emblemed; Lepus on the way (4/53 and rising fast), and Aegir at 3/70 (I have 1/6 Scopes). I also have Boril and Agwe sitting at 1/1.

In terms of similar skills, among my 4s and 5s I also have Gormek (maxed) only among the pulverizers; and Sabina (maxed) and Seshat (1/46 but being leveled fast) as dispellers.

Could you help me decide the order to max/ascend my 4* Blues, while waiting for the 5 other Scopes I need to ascend Aegir? I’ve already decided that Grimm and Sonya are the top 2. Boril will be 3rd, and Agwe only if I have no other Blue projects. Aegir of course gets ascended as soon as the Scopes come in.

I’m leaning towards Sonya (1/1 now) vs. Grimm (3/60 now). My logic:

  • Raid Offense - Grimm’s defense down is nice to have, but I feel a dispel is more necessary (i.e. if I have a bad board, lacking a dispeller is harder to recover from). I often have trouble with riposters; and having a non-Purple dispeller should help especially against all the buffing heroes out there. I usually do 3-2 with a mix of Purples and Blues: Proteus, Lepus, Kiril/Aeron, Triton, Sabina as needed - Seshat, Sonya, Grimm and Aegir will all eventually fit nicely here. But I feel Sonya will make a more immediate impact than Grimm will.

  • War Offense - same reasoning as above

  • Raid Defense - N/A, Kiril is still my blue of choice and Aegir will be priority when I do max him.

  • War Defense - same as above

  • Titans - Grimm of course, I don’t see myself bringing in Sonya for Titans even with mono Blue (I run Kiril - Grimm - Triton - Aegir - Lepus). However, my alliance is only at 4* Titans now though, and Grimm does the job well at 3/60. Yes, his tile damage can increase, but I bring him along more for the defense debuff. I feel like I can wait to ascend Grimm. For neutral color Titans, I run Gormek + Lance and 3 of the strong color (unless I go mono Red), and use bear banners.

  • World Map - I’ve already finished Atlantis Hard mode, so not a consideration

  • Quests - it’s really only the Class Quests where I feel this choice will make a difference. I think Grimm has the edge here, as he will be useful in Trials of Strength and Survival (strong against the Red bosses), whereas Sonya’s trials tend to have a lot of Green enemies.

Overall though, I feel like Sonya will be more immediately useful. But what does everyone think?

Also sharing the rest of my roster for added info.

thanks, everyone :slight_smile:

Well, Grimm at 3/60 can be used for Alliance war, although he might die if the wind is too strong :rofl:
Your lack of dispeller make ascending Sonya the right thing to do in my mind.
Yeah, Sabina is maxed, but no Melendor or Caedmon, right? And Seshat is still a baby.

If you want a safety net, go with Sonya, if you want to punish your enemy with Grimm + Lepus combo, go Grimm

I have both with emblems and raid with them in high-plat and low diamond and even at +15, Grimm dies often. Sonya has no problem staying up and can handle a Lianna’s blow.


I have both Grimm and Sonya on max with emblems. In my honest opinion I would focus on Sonya first and then Grimm


thanks @J1mau, @JGE ! Appreciate your advice. :slight_smile: I’ve lost a lot of raids (attacks, revenge) to stupid riposting tanks, which is why I thought of Sonya over Grimm. Sadly, no Melendor or Caedmon. Poor Sabina needs someone to share the dispelling burden :slight_smile:

A Grimm + Kiril + Lepus combo would be amazing in the future though.

And I do suffer from having a lot of squishy heroes. Grimm, Lance, Scarlett, plus the bunnies :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have not maxed Grimm, but I have most of the rest, including Kiril. I thought players mentioned over-writing as a problem Grimm had with at least Kiril.

Sughests that you might look at all the skills together, not just that pair

I have both of them maxed without emblems, and honestly i have to say that only Grimm makes me hapy… Sonya simply is meeeehhhh, is boring, is nothing special… That is all tath i can say…

thanks @Bud. I think Grimm’s skill overwrites over defense debuffers like Gormek and Tiburtus. No overwriting with Kiril, who buffs your own heroes’ attack and defense. That’s why I use both together against Titans; Kiril boosts attack and Grimm lowers the Titan defense = massive damage.

So yeah, Grimm has more synergy with Kiril, Aegir and my blue hitters. But I’ve already maxed his skill to get the biggest defense debuff.

thanks @Kamikazze. Grimm definitely has a better attack than Sonya does. If I had more dispellers, I wouldn’t even be thinking about this. But sadly, I don’t, so I have to think carefully whether I need another dispeller or another defense debuffer…

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I second this.


Grimm is obviously the better hero for 3-2 combination, however your roster lack dispeller…

I third this.


You’re right! 20 characters

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thanks @Hrairoo and @yelnats_24 for affirming! Sonya it definitely is then. Can’t wait to bring her in against those annoying Cyprian tanks I still face sometimes :wink:


both are good and has different role , Your Barb already went to Gormek , better do Sonya and emblem her. Sonya + Emblem = Arthur in stats


Thanks @arios! good point about the emblems too!

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