Which Blue 5* to work on Next?

Im a C2P player, needing to beef up my blue roster a little more. I’m lucky enough to have 3 options, Bobo, Iris and Alexandrine. Does any one of these options scream “must level” to you right away?

It actually depends on what you already have, if you need a healer and titan hero - go for alexandrine, Iris is a very good dispeller and damage dealer, while bobo shines in VF and also titan….

If we can see your roster, we can help better

Having issues uploading screen caps to be honest. Tried a couple of times…
So I have C magni, Glenda, Raphael, Cathal, C alasie as most notables. Thorne and good old Richard as well but they mostly ride the bench now.

Iris definitely, shes a very good dispeller, i dont have her personally but I want to have her, will be a nice addition to your team,

But lets see what others will say….

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As you have Raff, the need for Alexandrine isn’t there as much. Do you have another dispeller in a different element? If you do, then Bobo is the way to go

If you want better titan scores, Bobo. For the rest, Iris.

In your situation, I’d go Iris.

But who could you emblem? That’s significant. Emblemed Bobo would be better than a +0 Iris, if you plan to emblem any of them.

Good point. Bobo I have emblems for, Iris, not so much. Bobo’s slow status gives me pause however. Having said that, if its the best way to go…

@TheBadShepherd Bobo can be crazy good for offense and I’d not be surprised if he gets a buff next time circus event shows up. So… You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Bobo is the way to go. I have even worse options in blue and consider feeding Iris to SE if SG makes an offer I can’t refuse

I´ve no experience with any of them, but Bobo seems to be mentioned in many places as a very strong hero. Iris must be great in Buff Booster. And Alexandrine sure can pack a heal the times I´ve faced her! Tough call, but Bobo appears as the strongest one to me :blue_heart:

In my honest opinion, I would max out both Bobo and Iris, you can’t go wrong.
But bobo first
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Can’t go wrong with either Bobo or Raffaele tbh!