Blue 5* advice again

Hi everyone, I’m now up to 11 scopes and have decided that it is time to ascend another blue 5*.

What I have:
Master Lepus
C magni

Currently, I am choosing between:

Glenda - seems solid and I have emblems. I’m only wondering how if she has good enough big impact on the heroes I use?
Isarnia - Since I already have Athena, she would be mainly used in wars. Can be good in rush since I don’t have many slow heroes. I can emblem her
Frosth - probably not worth it since I don’t have minion makers. But seems a solid choice if I ever get them. Can emblem him
Raffaele- I do have a good amount of healers already, but I Iike to use 2 per war team in most cases. Raff is solid and can really save the day sometimes. Also good in rush scenarios. Only a few emblems to spare here.

I like the idea of two 3-stacks of blue with one healer each which is why I’m heavily considering Raff. At the same time, many say Glenda is good. I have little experience with her and from what I understood she has a bigger impact on aoe heroes. Lepus and Athena would of course benefit from that but how much?

Would appreciate advice!

Oh, and my other options are:
Dupe Lepus
Dupe C Magni


I would pick Glenda - she is on my blue mono team with frida, alasie, skadi and vela - very solid - that team fires once together and other team is toast

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Frosth would depend on what other minion makers you use, not other blues so much. I have both Glenda and Raff. Seeing you use two healers while attacking I’d do raff. Good for stacking blue, rush of course but also he is one of my very favorite to use in the ninja tower. Anyone dies, use a revive scroll and fire raff and most of their health is back



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