Which 5 stars to level up

I’m trying to put a 5 star team; with the ingredients to fully level up 3 5 stars(one from each color). My team as of now seems like below.

5 star list: Isarnia, King Arthur, Evelyn, Marjana, Sartana, Zimkitha (all 3-70)
4 star list: Merlin, Guardian Jackal (4-70) Kiril, Grimm, Caedmon, Boldtusk; Kashreq (3-60)

I also have Justice and Richard but pretty sure I will not level up either for a while. What will be your suggestions? Raids(both defense and offense) are my priority.



Try to get another yellow hero if possible :slight_smile:

Thanks Fravit you don’t choose Marjana over Zimiktha then.I have Wu Kong I’m leveling up as yellow would you choose it over Jackal

Sartana & Zim for sure. Dunno for the last one. Depends your needs

Zimkitha brings to the table a fast cleanse on top an ATK buff opposed to Marjana’s single target damage.
Single target damage is common to be found and she will not improve your attacking strategies to counter your foe’s defense other than an Hulk-Smash approach, wich isn’t always bad but it would be less useful than a fast counter to debilitating effects and damage over time.

And you already have a good sniper, Sartana, and Zimkitha’s ATK buff would greatly improve the slashing and special damage of your heroes.

While Wu Kong would be a nice hero to have at 4.70 I were thinking more about someone as Joon, Leonidas, Vivica or another 5* hero. Leonidas or Vivica could replace your Kasshrek for example and let you free to put Evelyn as your right corner hero.

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I’ve always had Kiril as my healer upto this point thats why I didnt think much about Zimkithas ATK buff but youre right in a five star team where the final team wont have Kiril or Boldtusk Zimkitha will be very valuable.

Para ataque o chacal só se vc tiver mais Sagrados na equipe, ele faz a defesa abaixar -54% contra Sagrados, mas morre fácil também, eu usaria o Kong apesar dos erros…

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