Need help for level which hero maxed

 If my grammar is incorrect I apologize, I am not a native speaker as a Taiwanese.
I want to ask for some help to decide which 

5* heroes to level 4/80. I still have no hero go 4/80.

Here are my 5* heroes:

Red: Zim, Marjana, Santa, Natalya, and JF.
Blue: Arthur, Vela, and Isarnia.
Green: Lianna(no costumed), Kadilen, and Telluria.
Yellow: Vivica(have costumed), and Justice.
Dark: Quintus, and Grimble.

Currently my decision is:

Red for Zim. Green for Telluria.
Yallow and Dark wait for better heroes like HOTM April and May.
But I cannot decide level blue for Arthur or Vela. I think Arthur is good for titan, and Vela is good for defense. I don’t know which one should go first. Hope I can get some advice here, thanks everyone who has read or replied.

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I would max zim telluria vivica

Probably arthur as well

Exception being if you have plans to try for frida the next time she’s available(which I’m not even sure if that’s anytime soon)

I’ve maxed 2 vivicas and 1 zim
No regrets there

Have a maxed marjana emblemed to 18, no real regret there either but will say her emblems will be reset if i land gravemaker and if i had to choose 1 to bring to a match, it would be gravemaker but completely hypothetical since i have no gravemaker for a true experienced comparison


Hiya :slight_smile:

my first main bit of advice:

As for your decisions:

Red → Zim is a solid choice. Attack buff & cleanse.

Blue → Personally would go with Vela… DoA at fast with a debuff & DoT. Arthur can be used for his elemental debuff against titans at 3-70 quite servicably.

Green → I would personally actually go with Lianna first… Sniper = more versatile than a tank generally speaking.

Yellow → would 10/10 advise to ascend Vivica & her Costume. She is a kick ■■■ tank & very useful everywhere as a healer & defence debuffer (costume)

Purple → yeah wait for Clarissa in May.


I was thinkin heals heals heals for wars
And buffs/debuffs for titans
I didn’t even think about defense teams

Picked a few i felt fit into the first 2 categories

Good idea about the 4s and agreed


Telluria and Vela seem to be a popular choice right now. Telluria at tank with Vela flanking. Zimkitha for the fast cleanse and Vivica. I’d wait for a better dark hero while you max those.


Thanks for every apply. I want to ascend this team. Is the hero position this ok or should I make some change? Or should proteus change into Deburtus?

两个治愈hero有点多了。而且太慢。会给对方太多时间补篮。最好能在找一个高 输出hero

可以像 @Guvnor 说的,先让丽啊娜升级,然后可以用微微卡做tank。


I think of Proteus as an offensive hero (he works very well on offense). I would consider another option to be used on defense

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How about ascending this and wait for Malosi and Clarissa? I really want to try Telluria with Vela.


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Thanks for your reply! 感謝解答! 我會把迪波放最左邊,豺狼換成服裝薇薇卡或悟空或狸貓會比較好嗎?


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啊 還有賈斯提斯 趙 李繡 跟胡桃 跟狸貓 會比豺狼好嗎?



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狸貓是Danzaburo! 了解 非常感謝你的建議 祝抽卡拿材料順利!

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