Which 5* to Ascend? Zimkitha, Malosi, Guardian Kong or Vivica?

Originally, I was going to do Lady of the Lake when I get my next Tome of Tactics, but then I remembered i can’t because I still need 5 Tonics (I did Kingston recently).

So, I have other 5* heroes I CAN do when I get my next ToT.

The 4 that I have ready waiting at 3/70 are (excluding LotL):
Guardian Kong

My current roster - I am looking for an “all rounder”, I guess. Someone I could use on attack for war, or in tournaments, events, etc

Any input greatly appreciated


My $0.02

I would knock Vivica out of contention for now. Slow healer with cleanse is handy but… still slow :stuck_out_tongue: Particularly when you have a swathe of faster 4* emblemed healers.

So that takes us down to Malosi, Zim or Kong.

Of those, Malosi is probably the most versatile in terms of his status effect blocking BUT he can also work in that role at 3-70. Additionally, for “evenness” you already have 3x 80s in yellow but only 2x in Red… So Red could do with a bit more propping up (especially given wars being mainly green tanks currently).

Kong & Zimkitha are both amazing options. Both are red (which is handy for wars) and both do a full team cleanse.
Zimkitha does less damage with an attack buff and is FASTER. Kong on the other hand does a lot lot more damage, has a high attack stat and gives the ice buff (handy vs. Vela flanks).

If it came down to an a vs. b I would probably be leaning towards kong for the extra damage, particularly as you have a +19 Boldtusk already for attack buff… But you could honestly coin-flip the two of them and wouldn’t be disappointed either way I don’t think!


Hi, sorry I did read this when I was on my mobile but didn’t respond (I liked it instead to show i had read it).

I am thinking maybe do Kong, mostly because I can put more emblems I think on him (271 total) unless I strip one of my Caedmon (+15 and +14) which I don’t want to do (for Zimkitha). I can, for now, only put him on about +5, but it should be ok right…

It’s annoying, originally I was going to pick Malosi, as he was my only option, then I got and maxed LotL and then Zimkitha, still needing a Tome, I also did Kong… Kind of glad in a way, I really think I will go with Kong.

Thanks :smiley:

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It comes down to Kong and Zimkitha for me. I happen to have both and both are heavily emblemed. Zim is the better, more versatile hero. Kong is powerful but is REALLY squishy. His shields are worse than most 4*! Pair him with Wilbur (And Boldtusk) for survivability and even more destruction on offense. He can shine if you can keep him alive long enough, but Zim is the better bet IMO.



And I’d probably do Kong first, also - Zim’s a great support hero, but reds here are lacking in real punch… Elena and JF are good heroes, but both lean towards support rather than damage.

Having said that, I’m probably slightly biased having maxed 2 Kong’s :rofl:

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