Can someone help me rank my 4&5*s

I need some help which heroes to level.

Domitia 3-63
Orbakan 1-1 (Just got him)

Inari 2-60
2 x Ranivir 2-60 and 1-34

Isarnia 3-70
Magni 1-42
Richard 1-1

2 x Margareta 2-18 and 1-1

Hjärter dam 3-61
Khargan 2-60
Grazul 1-28

4*s (only write the ones I have leveled or know are good)
Rigard 4-70-4
Tiburtus 3-60
Proteus 3-8
Sabina 1-24
Gafar 1-14
Merlin 1-1
(any others worth levelling?)

Wu kong 3-5
LiXiu 2-43
Danzaburo 1-1
Vaktsjakal 1-1

Triton 3-29
Ulmer 2-22
Kiril 1-17
Ruter kapten (diamond captain)

Hans 3-60
Caedmon 3-40
Melendor 3-24
Kashrek 4-70-3

Scarlett 3-60
Colen 3-9
Boldtusk 1-1 (just got him)
Sir lancelot 1-1

Which 5 stars shall i ascend fully?
Any suggestions for which 4 stars thats best to level?

Any other tips? Good team setups from the heroes I got (I got alot of 4 stars so I might have those you recommend just I didnt type them in here…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Wu Kong is a must for titans with your current roster. He should get levels asap, and imo should be your first maxed yellow 4* :slight_smile:

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For your five stars, finish up Domitia for your purples, and if you have enough scopes and capes, then finish Isarnia and then move on to Magni. Margaret is very niche so only level her if you are lacking green five stars.

Level up Grazul as she is the only very fast healer in the game. As for your four stars, your dark bench is freaking awesome! Finish up Tiburtus then level Proteus and then Merlin. After them then do Gafar as his health block comes in handy when dealing with a lot of healers.

As for your four star reds, finish up Scarlett, then immediately work on Boldtusk. BT is very useful everywhere. And if his revive talent kicks in and he is full mana, he can just come back and heal himself. Your four star holy, finish Li Xiu. As she is a perfect partner for Proteus.

As for 4 star blues, do Grimm as he is a high attack Pulverizer bro. That is all I got for now.

Hello and welcome…

IMO, ascending order from left to right.
Red: Boldtusk, Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, Colen
Green: Hansel, Melendor, Caedmon
Blue: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya
Yellow: Wu Kong (you have Ranvir, but still worth for event/tournament with limited to *4), Jackal, Li Xiu, Danza
Purple: Proteus ASAP, Merlin, Tiburtus, Sabina, Gafar


I did not know he is good especially not for titans. Dont think I really understand what he does… Will take another look at him.

Cool, thanks.

Its just I have so bad luck with Titans… I got A loot for like 6 weeks now but only gotten like 1 or 2 levelling items. So levelling is very very slow atm :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:


He will boost the damage dealt by tile matches into new hights.

Bring 4 strong e.g. 4 red against green and Wu and red matches will cause massive damage, when Wu will be activated.

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Aha, ok thanks.

What about Hjärter dam (Queen of hearts)?


She’s worth it, but wait with your legends until you have the items for the final ascension.

Focus on rares and epics first to build a solid stock of competitive heroes and then start your legends.

Legends are too time-, ressource- and feeder-consuming to level before having a solid rare/epic roster.


My advice would be : leave all the 5s for now, build multiple rainbow of 4s ; you have good bench already, so ascend those 4*s

For instance: Rigard (done) Wu, Grimm, Caedmon, and Scarlett ; finish up Caed and Scarlett
Next Tiburtus, either Li Xiu or Jackal, Kiril, etc

4 *s would give depth for war and raids.

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now it looks like:

Domitia 3-70
Orbakan 1-11
Rigard 4-70 +7
Proteus 4-67
Tiburtus 3-60
Sabina 1-24
unleveled: Gafar, Ameonna, Chesire-cat, Merlin, Cyprian
3*) Balthazar 3-50 + 3

Ranivir 3-54
Ranivir 1-34
Inari 2-60
Wu Kong 4-28
Li Xiu 3-2
Guardian Jackal 1-21
Unlevelled = Danzaburo, Chao, Hu Tao
3*) Bane 3-50 +3

Isarnia 3-70
Magni 3-20
Richard 1-1
Grim 3-37
Triton 3-29
Kiril 1-17
Unleveled: Sonya, Agwe, Diamond captain, Boril,
Valen 3-50 +3
Ulmer 2-22

Margareta 2-20
Margareta 1-1
Kingston 1-35 (NEW)
Kashrek 4-70 +3
Hans 4-70
Caedmon 3-60
Melendor 3-36
Unleveled: Skitteskull, Little John, Slukare, Gadeirus,
3*) Brienne 3-50 +1

Queen of hearts 3-70 (need ring)
Khargan 2-60
Grazul 2-20
Grazul 1-1
Grazul 1-1
Elena 1-1
Boldtusk 3-56
Scarlet 3-60
Colen 3-13
Unleveled: Sumitomo, Gormek, Kelile, Sir Lancelot, Guardian Falcon
Hawkmoon 3-50 +1

So my idea is:
Purple: Level Domitia (soon have all mats)
Finish proteus
Level Tiburtus and work on Sabina

Yellow: Level Ranivir (Soon got mats)
Finish wu
get Iniari to 3-70
Finish li Xiu and level Guardian Jackal if Li get stuck waiting for mats

get Magni to 3-70 asap
Cant decide if level Isarina or Magni… (I only need 1 telescope more)
get Grim then Triton to 3-60
Then focus on Kiril and then Sonya then Richard

Level and finish Caedmon then Melendor to 3-60
then focus on Kingston

While waiting for ring
Boldtusk and colen to 3-60
Then level Queen of hearts and take her to max
Then level Boldtusk and finish him
Then level scarlet and finish and work on Grazul #1 at the same time…

What do you think about this? Should I do it in some other order?

All help is welcomed.