Help in ascending the next 5*

Hi all, just needed some help in deciding my next 5* to final ascension. I’m a vc2p, level 52 player and luck hasn’t been great with my summons. My defense team composed of
Joon Cos-Rigard Krampus Clarissa Lianna. Only Krampus is fully emblemed, the rest are lightly emblemed to +7.
My other fully levelled 5* are Vivica, G.Gazelle, Elizabeth. I was thinking of putting Elizabeth on my defense team but don’t know where to put her.
I have Sif and Bai Yeong at 3-70 but don’t know which to take to final ascension because Sif doesn’t go very well with Gazelle. I have 9 darts.
I also have cost-Sartana and Bera at 3-70 but Sartana is a sniper and I have Lianna and Joon. Bera I’m not sure she would do well on offence and her poison doesn’t stack with Clarissa. I have 10 tabards.
Any ideas will be appreciated.
Thanks all.

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What is your preferred play style? Generally I put more weight on heroes I would use for attack rather than defense. I also tend to favour snipers and healers in general. I have two each of Sartana, Joon, and Lianna maxed (only one Marjana, and I’ve never pulled Magni). They all find use in wars. I tend not to dupe max non-snipers though.

Bera is a solid tank, but you have Krampus. I’d be leaning towards Sartana. Sif is also a solid tank with the new formations but again … you have Krampus. For yellow I’d be leaning towards Bai Yeong.

Although, I do love using my C.Elena for attacks … and Sif is average vs slow.

Elizabeth would probably be a good flank if you want to use her. Her spider fiends can be nasty if you don’t have dispel – although with Krampus as tank your opponent likely would have a dispel hero. Then again, with Krampus and Elizabeth you are compounding the dispel problem for them. Who to sacrifice though – C.Rigard or Clarissa?

Personally with dual purple flanks you would be inviting me to stack yellow.


You could try Elizabeth as flank and see how it works. She is good, but not over-powered. While both Rigard and Clarissa are good, they are not on the same level with your other defense heroes.

Both Costume Sartana and Bera are a great option, but I think I would go now with Bera and do Sartana next. Bera could replace your Costume Rigard. She provides a better pseudo-heal and Krampus already gives attack up.

For yellow you should see which one you prefer to play with. Sif can also go on your defense team, as she is great a great flank for taunt flanks. She speeds them up, makes them more durable and the reflect damage to your opponent.

Bai Yeong is mainly for offense, I think. But both he and Sif are good. I agree though that Sif does not work with Gazelle. Ultimately, it should be about your play style.


Thank you so much to both for your answers. I went with Sartana and Sif. I also play more offensively hence I did Sartana and her costume, but I also want to improve my defense team a bit for war and so decided to go with Sif.

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double frontline 3 backline formation:

Bera and Krampus front, Sif in the back. I have seen this config several times in high ranked teams.

Minions, damage reduced, Krampus concrete wall… You can finish the team with Eliza and Lianna.

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You’ve been given some good advice so far, and Sartana and Sif are great choices to add to your roster.

Looking forward, while your WAR defense team can always improve, don’t worry about what’s good for your regular raid defense - the heroes you have will definitely hold you in 2400+ range. What @nevarmaor said about focusing on attack heroes is smart.

That said, Elizabeth is a great addition to your defense. She’s a bit low-key, and it’s hard to gauge her worth at face value, but she performs. She’s my only S4, and I just limit-broke her, and I love her.

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This team is just begging to get Skadi’d to death tbh. When I see a minion madness front, I just roll out my tried and true Skadi team. As long as the board isn’t totally dog :poop:, I usually win by a mile, because once Skadi gets 5 stacks on everybody, the defense will almost always never fire again and die in about 3-4 turns.

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