Next 5* to Rank Up? Best Def Team?

Damascus Blade is a thorn in my side. I have enough items to ascend a full rainbow team just missing these. Only have 1. So who should I rank up next?

Current Team

Black: Panther 4/5 Sartana 3/70 Khiona 2/1 Proteus 4/70 Tibs 4/70 Mok-Arr/Domitia/Quintus/Merlin/Rigard/Ameonna all 1/1

Yellow: Drake 4/80 - Wu Kong 4/70 G.Jackal 4/70 Chao 3/60 Joon/Leonidas/Inari all 1/1

Blue: Richard 3/21 Sonya 4/70 Grimm 4/70 Kiril 4/70 Triton 4/70 Aegir/Thorne/Agwe/Boril/Valeria all 1/1

Green: Zeline 4/80 - Caedmon 4/70 Melendor 4/70 Kashrek 3/60 Mother N/Evelyn/Morgan Le Fay/ Buddy all 1/1

Red: G.Falcon 4/70 Scarlett 4/70 Boldtusk 4/70 Kelile 4/70 Khagan 2/60 Zimkitha 2/1 Gormek/Lancelot/Colen/Sumitomo all 1/1

I currently run Panther - Kiril - Drake - Zeline - Sartana as my defensive team so im thinking Sartana as my next 5 to max rank? But maybe you guys think someone else?

Unfortunately I cant pull a Blue 5 other than Richard to save my life. Blue 5 would make a perfect rainbow but Im not sure Richard is even worth it.

Zimkitha seems my only red 5 worth a poo to but so many mixed reviews of her on forums Im not sure I should bother with her either?

Mother North if you want really good 5* healer or Zimkitha (fast cleaner, important hero)

Evelyn without a doubt

One of the goals of the game when we start out is to have a rainbow 5*, TP4000, get to Diamond arena and stay there. You don’t need to have a rainbow 5* , play with the cards you dealt with. I just think you have a very nice purple team to take on Guinevere tanks, you already got Panther to final ascension, combine her with a big hitter like Sartana, you kill most hero with the combo, along with Tibs, it’s a really nice team for raiding.

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The name of the game is progression & patience ( I know it E & P) , the best way to progress is through obtaining mats for ascension, hence you need a decent roster to take on titans, and to a certain degree diamond arena raid chest. I gather you want to get to top 100.

Id say Mother North, she seems good. Wait a bit for ascending Sartana: Atlantis is coming and maybe you’ll get a better purple :slight_smile:


Once they’ll be maxed.

Thats a lot of mixed replies :open_mouth:

Nah im not trying to get to top 100. Or at least never thought of it. i Just know ascention material seems very rare. Particularly blades for me. I have the matterials to level up a full rainbow 5 team waiting on hand at the moment except missing blades, only have 1. So I just wanted to make sure Im not making a mistake in who to ascend.

Seems fan favorites are all on Mother North or Zimkitha though? Zimkitha Just doesnt strike me as a must have but perhaps I been wrong. After all thats why I asked for opinions. I guess Ill start leveling her up :slight_smile:

As for Evelyn shouldnt I keep her at 3/70 until get a Green Sniper? I know Caedmon is awesome and all but I cant pull a Green or Blue Sniper for the life of me. lol

Perhaps keeping Sartana and 3/70 is right at the moment too. I cant believe the damage she puts out for 3/70 It blows my mind.

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