Which 5 star red to ascend

Hey forum who would you ascend? Here is my current defence. I also have other reds like grazul, costum Azlar/elena santa.

Here is my current defence.

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I think you are looking for an offensive red . In that case i guess the fight would be between Lady and maybe Tyr.

Do you need a healer / Buffer? Or you are better using your Boldtusk? If so you may consider puss

Yes it’s for offense or titans, my other fully ascended healers are Rigard costume ariel Delilah mother north boldtusk Guinevere and brynhyld

I love costume Azlar and Grazul, but have missed out on all the others you are considering. Grazul is superb and I wouldn’t hesitate to max her. It seems you are shying away from slow heroes, which is fair, but costume Azlar’s special justifies its slow speed, unlike some.

Lady Loki seems to be extremely strong in this meta and would be my top pick. After that it’s a bit of a tossup between Tyr, Puss, and Kestrel. If you have the right minion heroes then Puss is a great fit, while Kestrel does quite solid damage for a fast hero. If his mana mechanic is too inconsistent for you then Tyr makes sense, especially with his solid base attack for titans.

Ya Loki is top of my list but a friend said tyr is better so it’s just a bit confusing

I’d go with Loki so you can widen your war teams against Telluria and have more than just Grazul.

But I don’t really see any bad choices either.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Lady Loki first. You won’t be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I have Tyr maxed and do not regret it!