Help with my next red

I pulled Grazul this taverns event, and Anzogh during the last one. Given my current Defense, and my available reds who should I work on next? Do any of these replace anyone on my defense? If so who, and where should they go? Thank you in advance for your insights! You all are awesome!

Love Tyr, but he’s not ideal on defense. Of those I probably like Anzogh.

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Lady Loki=>Grazul=>Save your rings IMO. Tyr is the best out of those for defence.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Lady Loki next. You won’t be disappointed
Then Grazul then probably Anzogh
Whichever hero you choose good luck


I would do Lady Loki first.

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Tyr is great on defense especially after you put 15 or more talents on him. Lady Loki should be next then Grazul. Im not sure either can replace Tyr though. I wouldn’t waste rings on Noor.


May i ask why you are focusing on defense? Are you aiming to get a specific trophies? Is your defense enough to keep you in high platinum / low diamond?
Lets say between 2300 and 2500 cups. If so you would benefit more of preparing heroes for war / titan.
In fact, defense is one of the things i think is less important. Though is good to be able to set a good AW defense team .

Anyways from the reds you have shown us i would say:

Grazul and Lady Locki would strengh your red and roster in general, in consequence you would have more choices to counter heroes (raid and war)

Both grazul and locki seems good to this GTV meta as you can protect from the aliments they cast on you or relocate them with a powerful AOE. So they would be my priority.

Anzogh is a good hero but personally hes a step behind from those two i mentioned. He pairs well with Falcon BT and Wilbur.

Elena and Azlar wont be consider for me against those three . Though Elena has the highest attack stat. So useful against titan or for stacking red(tile damage). However shes slow and squishy.

Noor seems to be good enough to survive in a fight to fire. Once she starts to spam minions could shield all the team and help the others to kill
@Homaclese if he please he can tell you more because he has experience running Noor.

Good luck


I wouldn’t put Lady Loki or Noor on defense. But if you want heroes for offence, I run Grazul Lady Loki Noor with Proteus and C Rig off color. Have a look at the synergy the 3 have in this video:

Noor’s red minions remain standing after Ursena, Vela and GM specials fire thanks to Lady Loki throwing back Vela’s attack debuff, and thanks to Noor’s minions inherent strength and her defense buff. The special from Joon then leaves Grazul with quite high health. Grazul’s special stops any further DOT damage from the wave of specials as well as rehealing slightly

Forgetting defense, I would say Lady Loki absolutely the first you look at ascending - she is amazing against GTV, and any DOTs or debuffers. I go out of my way to find GTV as I have a very high success rate against them. Grazul pairs super well with her - while their specials are contradictory, their timing actually allows them to synch up amazingly well. I will often fire Grazul first to block the first wave of enemy specials and then Lady Loki throws back the seocnd wave. After that I often have the luxury of deciding who to use and when - I might hold Lady Loki until I catch 2 debuffs, then Grazul straight after to block a third

I love my Noor depsite apparently 86% of the E&P community thinkink she is the worst HOTM ever created. I stripped my Vela of emblems to get her to +17, and I take her to all my PVE (she helps greatly even in timed events), wars, and tell tank raids. If you hate slow heroes she is not for you, but if you can work with them and you put her with a team that is about survivability/battle of attrition then she works well, firing 2 or 3 times a match with 2-3 self minions. She won’t work well with a fast/hard hitting team.

I have Azlar at 4/80. He is slightly weaker than Colen 4/70 + 20, so he is permanently benched. I think the costume is amazing but I would take back my ascension of him if I could.

I want Elena and Anzogh but they would not replace my main offensive team. They would definitely get spots in my 2nd red war team - and as @TheWizard said anzogh would work very well with G falcong, BT and Wilbur with the same speed and damage and heal greatly boosted.

So defense aside, personally I would do Lady Loki then Grazul then Noor then Anzogh then Elena then Azlar.

Oh and I forgot about Tyr - I don’t have him. But - personally I don’t mind facing him, AT ALL. He is tough to kill, but the damage he deals is quite minimal so I am happy to leave him right until the end and then finish him off. I would not be excited to pull him for use in either offence or defense. I would probably put him just above Azlar in the order above.


Have I become the spokesperson for noors pr campaign by the way? If so I don’t get paid enough!


Kind of! Its easier to say “noor is crap” “she doesnt deserve the rings” But you decided to test her by yourself and it worked . So its good for the boy who has Noor to have your review. I wasnt lucky enough to pull her so i dont have to worry about her in that sense

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If I had Noor, I’d use my next set of rings on her. Using her with Freya makes me salivate.

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@Homaclese @TheWizard thanks so much! Great feedback! I do enjoy Noor even though I don’t have her leveled yet. Sometimes I’ll stick her on a team just for the minion defense. I also have Freya so there’s a potential good pair there??? I simply ask about defense mostly to maximize my war defense. I know that’s situational depending on what support is given during war. Btw Tyr is amazing during field aid, and teams seem to have a lot of trouble beating me with him at tank. Something to consider if you ever pull him. His revive has also saved me more than a few times on offense. That said I know he isn’t the best so that’s why I ask. Also to gain as much insight about team synergies as possible. As far as raid defense goes my team seems to hold in that range between high platinum/low diamond just fine. So I’m happy with that for now. That video was very helpful @Homaclese! Thanks again for the great input!

Quite honestly there is no question in my mind, Lady Loki 100%. The ability to chuck back the ailments thrown at you on top of damage is a HUGE asset to any team.

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