Help choosing which red hero to ascend

I’ve got mats to ascend a red hero 5* and would love thoughts:

My currently maxed heroes are:
Garnet, C. Elena, Jean Francois, Grazul, Ares, C. Marjana, Gefjon, Gravemaker.

Available to ascend, I have:

  • Tyr
  • Lady Loki
  • Guardian Kong
  • Santa
  • Noor
  • Ruben
  • Aslar
  • Khagan (with costume)
  • Baldur

My inclination is to take Lady Loki or Guardian Kong, as they give me a medium mana cleanse, but Tyr seems decent too. I see Khagan with costume a lot, but I’m not blown away by him.

Any ideas are appreciated.

I like santa. He’s beefy as hell. Might not cause much damage but his defense down to everyone is a pain. Wish I had him.

C marj followed by kong will kill 3 heroes and maim the remaining 2

I’m in the same boat currently trying to decide which hero to ascend.

I currently have: BK, GM, Garnet, Tyr, Marj (w/ costume), QoH, Zim, and Kestrel maxed.

Waiting at 3.70: Vanda, Lady Loki, Baldur, Gefjon, Mitsuko, Khagan, Santa, JF, Elena and Puss. Also have doubles of BK, GM, Garnet, and Marj at 3.70.

Been tempted with Puss for minion party, but also tempted with a second BK or Garnet because I use them in almost every raid.

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Wow. You have great fire legendaries, guys. I have around 30 rings. Wish I could get my hands on Black Knight, Garnet, Vanda and Marjana with costume.


In both cases, I would call Santa up first.

I have a Tyr and Lady Loki maxed and would say that it really depends on if you want more hit all in your team or another single target hitter.

Lady does not hit very hard in my play, even when some buffs get thrown back it seems to determine damage and misses BEFORE the buffs leave, which is annoying against a Drake or Vela. She is still very effective at that and it is very fun. I have Anzogh and not Kong, but I will say sometimes you just want the more damage, as there might not be any DoTs on a particular team. so maybe Kong if you just need that raw damage for hit all and the cleanse is a nice secondary.

As for Tyr, he is a very nice follow up to C.Marj hitting as he can take out the center target most of the time easily with the increased EDD, and depending on tiles and remaining HPs he can sometimes even pick off the side hit of C.Marj. He is not the hardest hitter, but he is hard to kill, and sometimes (not often, but sometimes) can 1 vs 2 with his revive and a lane to ghost some reds.

As for the rest I have limited experience, but I do have a Reuben at 3:70 who sees very little play as he’s not bad… but rarely see the use of him over my Tyr who he usually slots in for. His hit just is not the best and even at max I don’t see it being enough.

I would say Tyr is great if you need a closer single target hit on a weakened hero, and if not go with one of the hit all either Kong with more damage or Lady Loki with more anti DoT utility.

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I like Kong for the cleanse over Lady Loki. Or Tyr is great to raid with.

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Gefjon is really good. The first true red sniper, though C. Marj is close. They also make a hell of a 1-2 punch.

You already have great reds. I would ascend Lady Loki to add some spice into the mix. She looks fun to play with.

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