Which 5-Star Holy/Yellow Hero to Ascend?

Without worrying about my situation other than knowing this will be my only 5-star yellow fully ascended hero, which of these is best to fully level up?

  • Sif
  • Vivica
  • Leonidas
  • Justice

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I admire and personally would desire Sif a lot but healers & cleansers are a premium. Vivica does both plus buff defense.

Given your vacuum situation I think Vivica is the most reasonable choice.


But Sif for tank over viv… wouldn’t you agree @voidstrike?


Sif does exactly what?
Almost nothing.

Too many fast dispellers out there to rely on average riposte. As long as you get bad tiles, you can throw them into Sif. She just helps to charge her neighbors, but will that be faster than your team is ready? Sif is more an attacking type of heroine. When I met her in raids, she was even less annoying than Neith.

Viv > Sif > Justy > Leo

Your tank order? Have you seen an emblemed justice?! Lol

Still think viv without emblems is too squishy and too slow to hold the tank position. :woman_shrugging: Just my opinion.

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Who said anything about tank though? :sweat_smile:

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I’m working of the idea that this hero is in a vacuum (not specifically defense or anything like that).

I am potentially (since I don’t have her to test) a fan of Sif in attack oriented uses (Titan, Raid Offense, Buff Booster, etc.)

Unemblemed she’s tankier than Vivica (not by much).

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No one. Just sparking up more convo. :woman_shrugging:

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Then yes. Sif over Vivica as tank. But probably not over customed Vivica :thinking:

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No, ascension order. None of them for tank. Too much dark power out there for slow Justy.

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In my honest opinion, based on just what you have posted, I would go with Vivica and then fingers crossed for the costume.
Good luck

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Thanks for the votes and responses, everyone.

I’m leaning towards Sif since I already have a bunch of healers including Rigard costume +18 and Mother North fully leveled waiting for cleric emblems. I have no one to give my 375 rogue emblems to. This poll making me think twice about it though.

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Sounds like your mind was already made up. Vivica is the best one listed there IMO. Sif is very meh.

A bit late to this thread, but I’d look at Leonidas if you don’t want a healer. If this is your only fully leveled yellow 5*, I’m guessing this one will go straight into your purple titan team, at the minimum.

Leonidas hits solidly, and self heals. Will be useful in wars for a long time.


As your only 5* holy, I’d go with Leo as well for the best all-rounder of the bunch. Not ideal but at least you could take him on offense and stick him into your defense. Viv is too slow for anything but situations where she can be potted. Sif requires being a target to cause damage. Justice was a maybe but there’s that whole slow factor again.

ETA: of course you could wait a few days for a shot at Malosi too.

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