Advice on Ascending Vivica

I would like to hear from those of you who are advanced in the game. Here’s the situation: Vivica is my only 5 star yellow. I just got her to 3/70. I am seriously considering not ascending her to 4th tier and waiting for another 5 star yellow. I’m thinking this way because she is slow mana.

I’ve been playing 8 months and have 5 darts. If I use them on her, it could literally be another 9 months before I’m able to ascend a second yellow hero.

Thank you for any thoughts and experiences you have!

I’ve got Viv in 4th tier and she’s been great in the role as healer for my team. It depends on your needs.

I’m, of course, looking for a Joon like everyone else but I don’t regret maxing her at all.

At some point soon Delilah should be coming along in an Atlantis draw, but again, you’re waiting on the random number generator. Why don’t you wait until you get your next dart before you really stress on it?

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It really depends on how you set your team. At the moment - she n zim is the one that can cleanse everyone - she might be slow but w heal 42% + cleanse + defense buff. I doubt you will regret max her fully.

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I don’t know anyone that has Viv who’s said “man i wished i didn’t ascend her”. She is strong.


Excellent! Thank you. I just wasn’t sure about slow mana as a healer. Do most people who have her on a defense team place her as tank, flank, or end?

Flank or tank. I see her most often as a flank. On the wing, she’s usually sniped before she can heal

She is 100% ascension worthy and she also is the only regular 5* healer.

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