Yellow ascension & emblem question

Hey there,

I got lucky with pulling yellow five stars the past months and now I ask myself who to ascend next. Here are my yellows:

Right now I am leveling Woolerton, who will probably be used in raids and wars. But for titans I think Vivica is more suitable… but Sif as well. So the question is pretty much Viv or Sif?

Also, should I emblem Vivica? My only other 5* cleric is Elkanen who has 9 emblems already. Both are not super great, I think… Four star clerics are Mist, Woolerton, Rigard (and well… Boril). One Rigard is already +18 and the dupes not leveled yet.

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I would say Sif, I have not gone up against that many, Sif is slightly better IMO. I also have a similar question.

I have 3 darts and 30 orbs. 5* I have costume Viv and Sir Roost both not started. 4* I have Gretel and Guard Jackal also not started.

Does Gretel play nice with her brother? I have him maxed +9. Finishing off a few projects and want to start on another yellow too.

Four star: Definately Jackal first. I wish I had him. He is awesome against titans and in general on offense if you stack yellow, I suppose.

Five star: I’d probably go for Costume Viv. She is the only yellow def downer in the game. Paired with Jackal amazing against titans. I like Roostley as well, but he is mostly good on offense. And when the tank is already dead he would only hit two targets.

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Would still be happy about some more opinions on my yellows…

Also who to give rogue emblems to? Margaret or Sif?
(Never thought I’m gonna be asking this… but since her buff I am leaning even more towards giving her emblems)

I think you need first of all Vivica. 5* Hiller, who removes the disease from the allies and increases the protection, there will always be a priority.

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