Yellow question, Sif or Vivica? 6th 5* ascended

Who would fit best in my mono, sif or vivica(no costume)?

Vivica sometimes desperates me because I think that she charges really slow. However, you have Odin, so she may become an average. If I’m not mistaken, Sif has mana generation buff, so it’d be a bit nonsense having two mana buffers.


Yeah, however, in most cases, when you are about ready to fire Odin’s specials, there are sparsely yellow tiles left since you used most to charge your heroes.


You need a solid healer in your mono yellow since the Element Link of Onatel can’t really be depended heavily. Vivica may sort of resolve that issue but she is slow, unless you get her costume, which is a bit fantastic since you can enjoy on her stat bonuses and the def debuff against the enemy. Without costume, I still think Delilah as a better healer. I don’t have that HOTM, but instead of investing darts on my 2018 3/70 Vivica, I am maxing instead slow Gullinburstis (2 done already but one highly emblemed, and the third one on the 4th ascension tier). Also have a Lady Woolerton highly emblemed, good pair with Poseidon.

Sif is just a glorified yellow Boril with better overall stats. And like most riposters, that effect can be dispelled. Useful on offense though.


Thanks for the in depth answer… so you think i should use my gullinbursti for my healing in mono?
Please consider that my question is related to offense… Odin will be my defensive hero of choice.
The reason why i was dubious with vivica is the lack of costume but maybe embleming gullin hard i can save those darts for someone more useful at the moment… see Sif.
Thanks ahead

It really depends on you. I am just giving my insights. But for comparison, check my main monoyellow raiding team. On wars, if we face purple tanks, I can come up with 3 strong monoyellow teams and the 5* heroes (7 of them) are to be grouped accordingly to each of the 3 teams, teamed with several emblemed 4* yellows for added boost.

Edit: I have 20 darts in my inventory but only wanting them to invest to better heroes like Odin, costumed Vivica and perhaps next month, Leonidas’ costume. Regrettably, I won’t use them on my 3/70 Inari, 2nd Joon and costume both at 3/70, 3/70 Viv (not without her costume yet), 3/70 Leonidas unless I can snag his costume, or on my Owl and Justice.

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I’ve got 3 Gullinbursti but only 1 is maxed, and even though my mono yellow team is the weakest one, if he’s able to release his special attack, the boosted heal makes things a bit easier, even though the ailments and hard hits. If I had to compare him with Vivica, I’d choose the pig.


Thanks everyone for the feedback…i pushed the pig to +18 and decided to level Sif.
Much appreciated and best of luck


I believe you will love Sif, put a slow hero in the wing next to her and she really peps them up.

With your setup, she and Odin will overlap on the mana boosting so she isn’t adding as much to your team as she would to a team lacking Odin (or Ariel for non-mono).

Sif is excellent for keeping G Jackal alive and that is a hero I would expect to see on yellow mono teams. Her incoming damage reduction is fantastic.


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