Some advise on strenthening my 5* team?

Hi all, new member to the forum but have been playing for almost 11 months. In this time I’ve completed 3 full rainbow teams for 3 stars and 4 stars. Now working on completing my first 5 star rainbow team and also build some depth for the 5 stars.

For the 3 and 4 star teams I mostly just go with my on gut feel and some reading on the forums, besides mats for 4 stars are relatively easier to obtain so there’s not so much pressure on making mistakes in levelling them. However getting mats for 5 stars are magnitudes more difficult, so I need to be more certain before commiting.

This is my current defence team

Alb (4-60) Mitsu (lvl 3 talent) Khiona (lvl 4 talent) Athena (lvl 4 talent) Inari (tier 3-70)

The rest of my 5 stars are:

Green - Tarlak (1-1) Elkanen (3-70)
Red - another Mistuko (1-1)
Purple - Sartana (3-70) Kunchen (3-70) Obakan (1-1) Domitia (1-1)
Yellow - Justice (2-60)
Blue - Perseus (lvl 3 talent) Ariel (3-70) Frida (3-70) Alesie (1-1) Isarnia (1-1) Thorne (1-1)

So my questions, in order of priority are:-

Yellow - I have enough mats to ascend 1. Should I max Inari or Justice and make her my tank? Currently using Khiona as make shift tank. Not too bad, I’m holding around 2450 to 2550 on most days. If I make Justice my tank, should I reshuffle my defence?

Purple - Kunchen or Sartana next? Should I bother bringing up Domitia or Obakan at all?

Blue - I guess I’ll go with Ariel next as Frida works well at 3-70. However should I try to max Alesie to replace Perseus or are the gains too marginal to bother? Currently Perseus works well as part of my blue stack or mono team.

Red - Should I bother to level another Mitsuko? I already have 3 fully levelled 3 stars and 4 stars each. Or wait for a better 5 star in the horizon?

Green - Not much to think here I guess, just go with Tarlak

Welcome any comments. Thanks in advance!

IMO, Mitsuko is a better tank than Khiona.

I’d switch your current defense team like so:
Alberich | Athena | Mitsuko | Khiona | Inari

Reason being because Mitsuko’s a sorcerer with mana control ability, which is a real good strength to have, she also has decent defense with very high HP, will last longer than Khiona in that position.

I’d go Inari before Justice, she has high attack and works well on defense too, especially paired with Khiona’s evade skill.

So the way I see this answered is like so:
Either you do Kunchen + Alasie or Frida, or you do Ariel + Sartana. Personally I think Alasie is much more useful than Perseus, and only slightly better than Frida (not by much though).

Reason I separate them like so is to give you a healer + another hitter. It also depends how confident you are on your other 4 star healers though; if you feel you really need 2 healers, then just do both Ariel and Kunchen.

Domitia has the niche of being one of the only purple 5* dispellers. The others being Kage (and he only dispels one target) and G. Panther (who is better than Domitia, but much more rare). Since you have two other better 5* heroes, you can definitely wait for Domitia. If she’s your only purple 5* once they’re done, then you can ascend her. Obakan will be waiting a long, long time.

I don’t really think another Mitsuko would add much. Maybe for wars? I go with variety over duplicates first myself, so if you have some 4 stars sitting that are not leveled yet, I’d rather do those first myself (of course… it depends on the 4 stars too and how useful they are)

And yeah, agree go with Tarlak.

Thanks for your advise!

I’ve hardly thought of using Mitsuko as tank, as I don’t usually have problems raiding against her in tank. But you do make some interesting points, so I’ll try her out for a while.

I think the problem with my defence team is that, although individually powerful, the synergy is not strong.
For example, I don’t have a true tank. Also, Athena and Mitsuko despite having strong specials, are not really strong attackers. Khiona is more like a semi-sniper. While Alby is barely a healer and Inari more like a gambling backup.

I was hoping for a strong Yellow sniper like Joon or Poseidon or even Drake but guess I’ll have to work with what I have.

What do you think of Justice as tank and Sartana to replace Khiona as the sniper?

I’ve seen Mitsuko in the top 100 commonly on the flank or center, imo she’s good at both, but she’s the closest you have to tanky stats.

She’s not especially strong at attacking but I think with Athena def- and Khiona’s berserker atk+, your defense team should be good.

Personally I think Justice is a serviceable tank, she has high defensive stats and I like her more since she was buffed to cast -40% blindness (instead of -35%) to all enemies. She’s a common war tank and an effective one too.

The thing is she’s slow, and that’s usually enough to turn off most from using her as a raid D-team tank, because she may not fire before going down; you may win a revenge here and there, but maybe not all three.

Sartana is the better sniper than Khiona. The damage Khiona deals to a target is more of a luxury. Her real strength comes from her Berserker Attack boost; an opponent who is not careful will charge the attack boost with tiles and allow Khiona or one of her teammates to unleash some strong attacks.

If you want a Sniper then it’s gonna be Sartana.

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